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    Secret Communication Sent to Wikileaks by a Private? I Just Don't Believe This Story.

    Yesterday or the day before that, as we all know Wikileaks dumped 76,000 secret documents onto their site, and are editing another 15,000 or something like that to dump soon, for all the world to see. And to tell you the truth, I have little to say about Julian Assange, except, who in the hell told him that hairstyle was flattering. He looks like a broke down, Diane Sawyer.

    Okay enough of that, let's get serious. Let's talk about top secret documents, let's talk about electronic security and let's talk about the Pentagon.

    People are up in arms over Afghanistan and Iraq. And after almost 10 years at War, American's simply want out of both, and I am with them on that point. However, I simply do not believe that a private can send that number of documents out of the DOD system, something I know a little about, without top level people approving this, and here is why I write these words.

    Having known a good number of people who currently work for the DOD, these people have Top Secret Security Clearances, can't even send attachments from their email accounts. Period. They cannot access their email from home. They cannot accept email attachments at work. These people are top level scientists and engineers. Yet, we have people telling us some private not only had access to these documents, but he presumably was able to send these attachments to those folks at Wikileaks, for years. I am sorry, but I have real questions about what the hell is going on here, and who really wants those documents released, and why?

    After the McChrstal episode, and hearing what disdain he and his staff had for the President, I wonder how rampant, those opinions, as expressed by McChrystal and his staff, among Military Brass? Was it just McChrystal and his staff that seemed to view the President as somehow not worthy of the Presidency, and certainly, not worthy to be Commander in Chief? Did these folks merely reflect what could be the opinions of the leadership at the Pentagon? I really don't believe the picture as presented to us. However,  I have no real answers. But seriously, if the Pentagon has such lax electronic security systems, so loose that a mere private can steal top secret documents right there at work and upload them to wikileaks, they need some real electronic security professionals to come in and assist them. I just figure, their security is fine, but that Manning and maybe others were allowed to send these documents  to wikileaks to somehow undermine the President. And that is really what we should be looking at, not some kid, who no doubt helped break the law, but we need to find the real prepetrators and their motives. Because something doesn't sound quite right here.

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