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    Writing sports in the United Arab Emirates for The National

    From time to time I’ve been known to escape the confines of this blog, and this week is one of those times, as I have some stories up at The National, an English newspaper in the United Arab Emirates.

    The stories – given to me by former colleague Paul Oberjuerge – were on sporting venues in South America. The three stories:

    Maracana is the heart of Brazilian football

    Chocolate Box of Boca is no treat for visiting clubs

    Where Speed is King in Brazil

    They were interesting stories to write. I talked with a few people about the venues, and was also able to add some of the knowledge I’ve picked up in Brazil to the story. All in all, a quite interesting and positive assignment and experience.


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    Although not really free of government censorship and self-censorship, The National has moved the goalposts a bit for Middle Eastern journalism, introducing its readers to progressive voices like Tony Karon. It's also attracted other very good writers and editors from all over the English-speaking world. I'm sure your football pieces are up to your usual high standard.

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