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    Indonesian Travel Journal: How to Pack

    Step 1: Wake up early, determined to finish packing up at least one room.

    Step 2: Check email.

    Step 3: Check Dagblog.

    Step 4: Check Facebook.

    Step 5: Read news.

    Step 6: Shower.

    Step 7: Head next door to see what the family is up to. (Wii!)

    Step 8: Play Lego Star Wars on the Wii

    Step 9: Play Just Dance on the Wii (FREAKING AWESOME!)

    Step 10: Have lunch with a friend you won't see for a couple years at least.

    Step 11: Get home from lunch determined to finish the room by dinner.

    Step 12: Order some shoes online.

    Step 13: Go to the post office.

    Step 14: Get a pedicure.

    Step 15: Drive a half hour to see a newly-born member of the family.

    Step 16: Drive back.

    Step 17: Stop by the doctor's office to get a tetanus shot.

    Step 18: Get home and go next door to see what the family cooked for dinner.

    Step 19: Eat with the family and then watch some television.

    Step 20: Return home to go to bed, determined to wake up early and finish at least one room.

    I figure if I can sustain this schedule for 13 more days, I won't actually have to pack. It's a strategy that's working for me so far.



    Orlando, good for you!  Living abroad is an adventure that will stay with you always.  I'm not saying it will be easy, or even that you won't have "your days."  I look forward to your blogs, and am sure you will have insightful observations for all of us.

    Go well, and enjoy!

    Jan.  (CVille Dem)



    Thanks, C'ville. It's my second time living overseas, so I'm prepared for the "days", as you say. Last time, there was no internet, so at least homesickness can be mitigated by not having to wait two stinking weeks for a letter! How did we even live back then?

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