Red, White, & Blue (& Black & Yellow & ....)

    Happy 4th of July!



    Well, there's one fool I don't pity and it ain't Mr. T. It's some other T named guy.

    I love Mr. T. I still watch A Team on late night tv and he was on Dancing With The Stars recently. Yeah, I watched that show just because Mr. T  was one of the celebrity dancers. Sometimes a girl just can't help herself. wink

    Yeah, I chose Mr. T because... who can hate Mr. T? The unity camdidate.

    While I appreciate T's salute to the Rainbow Gathering tradition of coming to the gathering with your own plate and eating utensil there is so much in this photo I find objectionable. While I'm glad that for propriety's sake the picture was cut off above the genital region I'm dismayed at the sexualization of pop culture as T is clearly pointing at his penis. Given the strategic positioning of the cut off which was clearly not coincidental I think with much assurance we can speculate the penis T was drawing attention to was erect and very visable in the thin and skimpy shorts. While I can't definitively state whether he was advocating violence with his fist or suicide by directing it at his own head, either possibility is offensive.

    Just looking at the front I count over 20 red and white stripes. One more example of a dumbed down American citizenry that doesn't know there were 13 original colonies. There are over 100 stars. Is the T advocating the forceable annexation of other countries and incorporating them as states of the union? Is this a plan for perpetual warfare leading to a One World Order? I can't stand behind Mister's call for an American hegemony.

    He's panning for gold - American self-sufficiency. And all those stars? Space Travel! Mr. T and Elon Musk = SpaceT! And what's this Hedge Money bit? He ain't no Chauncey Gardener.

    I can get my GPS to give directions in Mr T's voice.  You should hear the abuse I take when I make a wrong turn! It is hilarious!

    This seems like a comfortable spot for a couple of stories I've enjoyed this morning - know who Mary Katharine Goddard is?  And was Revolutionary America really a Christian nation?  Happy Independence Day (though for some reason celebrating our "ID" seems kinda pretentious)!

    I think you mean "presumptuous" - yes, may be deluded. I was just celebrating Mr. T Day - colorful enough.

    Unfortunately, pretentious fits now that Trump's da man.

    great picture because it's sooo ironic, he is miming the whole "up yours" spirit of the day, the theme is reacting against tyranny in both cases and in a brawny way....

    then there's the gold....

    Big, dumb and rich? Ssshhhhh! That's our secret sauce.

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