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    Chuck Todd mistakenly gets honest on Twitter

    NBC Reporter Chuck Todd on Twitter just now:

    “Gibbs says House GOP leaders and POTUS agreed to cut spending and reduce the president. #soundseasy doesn’t it. #detailsdetails”

    He caught his error moments after.

    Bad typo in last tweet. Gibbs said House GOPers and POTUS agreed to cut spending and reduce deficit.

    The truth was refreshing while it lasted.




    In my humble opinion, a great line doesn't take right away.

    I am looking at the tweets and I don't get it.

    And then....lhahahahahahhahahahahahahah

    It’s a tragedy in many ways. You know, here was an opportunity suddenly to get it right, and [Obama] flunked it. And he’s seen as being a very weak man in the Arab world. You know, Bush was seen as—in a sense, people preferred Bush, because they saw him as an intemperate bully, which is pretty much what he was out here, whereas Obama came forward with—you know, as a man who seemed to have something to offer of moral value. And at the end of the day, the moral values have gone out of the window, and we’re back with "Oh, the Egyptian people must decide, but it must be an orderly transition," where "orderly" can mean another six or seven months of Mubarak.

    Robert Fisk on Dem Now! today.

    Bush was so respected that shoes were aimed at the x-President during a press conference.

    If Obama tells Mubarak to step down isn't the US once again trying to determine who will lead a country in the Middle East? Isn't part of the problem that the US doesn't let the people decide the outcome?

    On one hand, protesters are using a form of Obama's slogan "Yes We Can Too" and have used the United States protest the Million Man March as a means of challenging Mubaraak. It seems to me that the US is at least subconsciuosly a model for protests. On the other hand, in Iran the government suppresed the opposition, the government won. What should the US have done in Iran? What should the US do in Egypt without looking like a foreign power trying to decide the outcome?

    Sometimes when democracy comes, the result is Hezbollah and Hamas, will we get somone like ElBara, or someone from the Muslim Brotherhood? We may not like the final result, but I do have to agree that it's in the hands of the Egyptian people.

    I think that you may have ben replying to a previous post dealing with Egypt that is lower on the front page.

    No, to me, the idea that Obama was seen as weak corresponded to the post's idea of a reduced president.

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