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    Election Day

    Today's Election Day. No day makes me prouder to be American.

    Go out and vote!


    Happy Voting Day to you, Doc!  Let's dance!

    In South Carolina, in a notably red district, a very positive contrast to the experiences I had in 2000 and 2004 in Florida.

    Today, inside:

    poll watchers of many re-assuring colors (both ethnic and political affiliation);

    printed materials prominently displayed that explained, in neutral terms, what the four referendum items were and what they meant -- I saw no bias in the descriptors, whatsoever;

    a computer ballot format that was simple, clear and which offered the opportunity to revisit selections on a screen that said "your ballots are about to be cast; do you want to edit your entries? Or hit confirm"?

    A new wrinkle (is this good or bad?): "Curbside voting" --  i.e. -- what appeared to be a regulation voting kiosk, set on wheels, hooked up to a tablet, to be used by people with handicapped parking stickers, requiring only that the person in question roll down his or her car window, to receive the tablet.... after being asked to produce a voter registration card, other ID, etc..

    Bonuses: a "while-you-wait" amateur art exhibit and exit buttons that say: "I voted; will you?"




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