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    Hillary 2016


    If Hillary had acted more like this in 2008, I wouldn't have voted for her. But I would have appreciated it. I walked around for almost a year being totally pissed off. Then, again, I'd been walking around since November 2000 like that, so I was used to by that point. 

    My point is, she's clearly learning the Obama way. Be nice, but not merciful.

    Here's another one where she gives pretty-tard Mike Pence the whatfor:



    Doh! I tried to get the Mike Pence video and link to work like forty times. Here's try forty-one:

    You beat me to it!  I was just working on a Hillary post.  Instead of that, I'll add my comments here.

    I really like what I'm seeing from her as Secretary of State.  The two clips you've linked are highlights from her recent appearance on the Hill.  I'd add this exchange with Ron Paul:

    She's 100% on board with her administration's agenda.  She's leading the charge to renovate American foreign policy.  So far, I don't think anyone could have asked for anything more and there's plenty more implied by the potential we're seeing.  I say all this as someone who was vocally opposed to her nomination last year and was even skeptical of her nomination to Secretary of State.

    I have nothing but good things to say about her performance so far.  She's kicking ass.

    Anyhow, great topic.  I couldn't agree with you more on this one! :)

    I love the Ron Paul video as well. He's blushing like a little boy at the end when she heaps praise on him. I was skeptical of her nomination as well, not because I thought she should get a position in the administration, but because I thought she was better suited to something domestic, like Health and Human Services. But I'm loving her a little bit more every day now. She's fab.

    Orlando, Glad to see you posted this clip.  Hillary is looking good. 

    I commented on another blog - if Al Gore didn't run again after winning the popular vote at age 56 0r 60, we can't assume Hillary will be up for another rigorous national campaign at age 68-69 no matter how frustrated she was this time. If the desire is there, she'd have the same advantages as in 2008 of name recognition and fundraising.  She's probably run a better campaign and not have to compete with a political phenomenon like Obama.  However, she might have to compete with someone else tough and charismatic like Brian Schweitzer.  And as she competed fiercely for women's vote with Obama, she might have an even tougher fight if another woman like Claire McCaskill runs.  Add to the mix that the playing field may not be as tilted in the Democrats favor as it was last election so she could win the nomination then lose a general election.

    Still, if I had to wager, I'd guess she privately leans toward running again.  I'll guess she serves about 6 years as Secretary of State (I don't think Obama or Biden will want to change the ticket in 2012), then steps down and, if her and the party poll well, takes her chances on a 2nd presidential campaign.  If not so strong, maybe she'll do one term at State then run for NY governor in 2014.  Or just retire.

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