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    No more Pussyfooting: The Republicans and the C of C are trying to Kill us

    Historically, nothing has terrified conservatives so much as efficient, effective, activist government. “A thoroughly first-rate man in public service is corrosive,” the former president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce argued in an interview published in the journal Nation’s Business in 1928. “He eats holes in our liberties. The better he is and the longer he stays the greater the danger. If he is an enthusiast–a bright-eyed madman who is frantic to make this the finest government in the world–the black plague is a housepet by comparison.” 

    Rick Perlstein, "Enemies of State"

    My thanks to AmiBlue, who wrote about this in a piece called "Don't tell 'em, sell 'em" here.  This is powerful stuff.  The Big Business assault was (and is) even worse than we could ever have imagined.  The quote above by the C of C flack would be chilling enough today, but considering it was the battle cry already in 1928, it shows clearly the kind of relentless, never-ending  propaganda we're up against. 
     From Perlstein's article:

    Consider the famous December 2, 1993 memo by William Kristol entitled “Defeating President Clinton’s Health Care Proposal.” The notion of government-guaranteed health care had to be defeated, he said, rather than compromised with, or else: “It will revive the reputation of the party that spends and regulates, the Democrats, as the generous protector of middle-class interests. And it will at the same time strike a punishing blow against Republican claims to defend the middle class by restraining government.” Kristol wrote on behalf of an organization called the Project for a Republican Future. The mortal fear is that if government delivers the goods, the Republicans have no future. 

    They have big money behind them.  They have the recent supreme court decision behind them.  They have the Republican Party, the right wing media and much of the mainstream media behind them.  And they have an astonishing number of just plain folks who just don't get it behind them.

    Incredible, considering their goal has always been to do the rest of us in so that they can grow richer and stronger (you would think our side would have won long ago), but that's the enemy, that's the battle, and that's what we're up against.

    We have to keep working at stopping them, and what worries me is I'm hearing from so many people on our side who are disheartened and discouraged and disgusted and are ready to quit.  This is not the time to quit!  They may have big money and big numbers on their side, but might, dammit, does not make right.

    They'd like nothing better than to see us all surrender.  They're thrilled by the cave-in of the only other entities with enough power to puncture their armor--the White House and a solid number of  Democrats in Congress.

    If you can read that stuff above and still walk away, then do me this one last favor:  Turn around and look out there.  Weep with me on the shore as we watch our beautiful ship taking on water, listing, groaning, losing power.  I see it as a battle ship.  You might be seeing it as a cruise ship.  Either way, it's ours and it's sinking and if there are lifeboats on the way, they're too little and too few. 

    But have a nice day.

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    That was a long article, and I confessed I started skimming a bit, but I wonder if you got the same thing from this last paragraph as I did?

    "In the dominionist ideology of Republican candidates like Sharron Angle, government itself is construed as an ungodly false idol, violating the First Commandment by its very existence. The “monthly check to you” represented by Social Security is seen by more and more as instead a theft from the middle class; restraining it becomes conservatism’s gift to the middle class. The party of government itself, the Democratic Party, of its own, activist volition, passes a comprehensive health-care bill instructing the middle class that the federal government shall no longer just provide monthly checks to you for the rest of your life beginning when you are 65. It will require that you write the monthly checks to certain corporations that have now become generous protectors of middle-class interests, by official government mandate (though that must remain the subject for another essay)."

    He seemed to say why Dems are failing people, at least in those areas.  Shoot, I just read a Richard Trumpka quote almost praising Obama's appointment of Dayley as CoS; The Man who constructed and sold NAFTA, and whose job it will arguablyu be to get KORUS done, and more NAFTA-like trade agreements, as Obama told the 'business leaders' he met with recently.  And Trumpka praises him?  What's up with that?

    I haven't a real idea about what you see as people surrendering; maybe you could explain.  I think a lot of Dems are trying to make Dems accoutable to People, not just banks and businesses.  To reject trickle-down economics, and buy into austerity programs, and get a real jobs program going.  Act like Dems used to. 

    The more jobs we ship overseas means that it's no longer a necessity to kill unions: they're being killed as we speak, and wages will stay flat, and productivity high just so some can hang onto their jobs. 

    Again, I may miss the gist of what you're saying.

    I'm saying that I'm hearing from a whole lot of people that they're giving up the fight.  These are people who put their hearts and souls into the effort to turn this country around and get us back to functioning level again.  There is plenty of blame to go around and we could rehash the problems with the Dems; their cowardice, their perfidy--but we need to spend at least a little time addressing the issue of the Grand Battle we've been fighting continuously since before the dawn of the industrial revolution.  There are enemies on many fronts, but the Republicans and the U.S Chamber of Commerce are hell-bent on destroying us, and if that sounds like "the sky is falling", then okay.  The sky is falling.

    I am not defending the Democrats, nor am I ignoring their part in this.  I chose to focus on what has been going on historically, and why we have to face it and keep on fighting.  I want the Dems on our side.  I want the unions on our side.  I want the people who keep fostering this takeover to be on our side. I want the people who are becoming disillusioned to reconsider and stay with us. I want us to finally win.

    It's as simple as that.

    I haven't heard the 'giving up' people; that would alter your view.  I think that as the issues and votes come up, people will rally.  Don't you?

    Did people rally in November?  That wasn't so very long ago.

    Sorry; I was unclear.  I meant when policy votes and choices come up, we will rally for better ideas, which Republicans' stated aims will bring.  My hope is that the choices may be so stark, Dems might be pushed to become advocates for good people-policy again.

    Why didn't the base rally?  Disappointment, plus midterms rarely bring out voters.  Tea Partiers did bring out voters.  Change.org and other organizations may get kick-started.  CoffeeParty Wake Up looks good, too.  One Nation Working Together.  Some groups may end up doing end runs around the President, too, fighting for things we need, as Pelosi had to do on certain legislation; Reid, also.

    My hope is that the choices may be so stark, Dems might be pushed to become advocates for good people-policy again.

    I hope you're right, Stardust.  I understand about the mid-terms, but when the Republicans promised to stop everything in its tracks and threatened to shut down the government, if need be, right after they announced the immediate set up of a slew of phony hearings to throw monkeywrenches into the works, I actually thought more people would think twice about putting that bunch anywhere near a seat of power.

    We have a lot of work to do, and a big part of it is going to be "pursuading" the Dems that our best interests had better be their best interests.  That's what we need to work on:  How to get that done.

    "We have a lot of work to do, and a big part of it is going to be "pursuading" the Dems that our best interests had better be their best interests.  That's what we need to work on:  How to get that done."


    About 3:30 this morning I read a story about a recent poll that showed the number of voters indentifying as Democrats was waaaay down; I can't even say where I saw it, but besides some Sheep Factor being at work after elections, it's clear Dems ain't gettin' through to the vast array of middle class Americans.  By and large, those at the top don't give a fig for us, and haven't had to give a fig.  As you implied earlier: we make noise; no one listens.  Guess the noise has to be smarter and louder.  Somehow.

    Wish I could go to one of those Coffee demonstrations.  Jan. 20 -something is one, eh?

    The Coffee Party is joining with other organizations at For the People Summit,  Jan. 20-22.  Info here:


    Wish I could be there, but I'll be checking in online to see what they're up to.

    Ramona, I think what I read here from you is an acknowledgement that we will really gain nothing in Washington until we begin to see things from the perspective of one side engaged in class warfare.

    "Which side are you on?" once again becomes a very fundamental question to be asked in assessing anything our supposed Dem allies promote or propose to do in Washington. The answers I get from this crew of neo-Dems are hardly encouraging in the effort to stand tall and fight back against those who look to make serfs of us all.

    Exactly, Sleepin.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iAIM02kv0g

    There's a war going on and we had better know who our true enemies are.

    If a rose is a rose by any other name. Change the name. What is Christian love but, Social awareness   

    Why be stubborn; put the onus on the Christians, to live up to HIS values. Any Christian that denies, the good works of Jesus, ie. Feeding the poor, caring for the sick, forgiving one another,  has proven they are not disciples and are Christian by name only.  

    You asked earlier “what direction do you think we should take moving forward? Then you asked “which side are you on”  

    Define the sides. The term means different things to different people   

    We don’t need to expound Socialism. 

    The Christain right wing of the Republican party, knows the Sermon on the Mount, they know Jesus fed a multitude, with a few fish and bread, gathered up from amongst the listeners, who were there that day. The food gathered was to feed the less fortunate; setting an example to be followed BY HIS FOLLOWERS . 

    Force the Christian right, to own up to their duties;  as Christians, not as Socialists. 

    Words have meanings  

    We need our own Frank Lutz. 

    The Christian Right fears the term LIBERAL.

    What connotations does the term Liberal have or Socialism or Christian love.

    Do they have separate and distinct meanings or is there a common factor.  My understanding of liberal, might be different than another.

    Talk about a messaging problem, if the term means different things, to different folks.     

    Except; I suspect, rather than find the ground that unites an American population to a culture of Christian/Socialism, the liberals will keep the divisiveness going.  

    The reason: What ally, would the liberal wing of the democratic party have, if the socialist wing found common ground with the Christian Right?  

    Consider this, if  some Christians who view charity and sharing and caring for one another, just as their master told them was a true mark of Christian love.

    Do we have to call that Socialism or can we call it Christian love.

    Will a liberal except a rose by another name? The name Christian offends some liberals just as the term Socialist offends the Christian Right?  Although if the name was removed and the common action was imposed, wouldn’t we receive the benefits we seek?

    It’s a sorry thing; the words get in the way   It would be beneficial to those of us on the left, favoring a more Socialist agenda; (that is, if the term Socialist, was the same as what the Christians consider being a good Christian).  

    Break up the alliance.

    The oligarchy and the commercial interests have convinced the Christian Right to fear the terms Socialism and liberal.

    Do we care what we call it, as long as we get the result we seek.  

    A rose by any other name is still a rose. What is Christian love but, Social awareness 

    These members of Congress have no real fear of judgement or punishment.

    Everything they do is for…. they’re benefit.

    Self- enrichment or reelection   

    The American people are supposed to be the masters

    (Matthew 24:48) “But if ever that evil slave should say in his heart, ‘My master is delaying 

    Even if they should be caught, the ethics committee will just slap them on the hand.

    (Isaiah 26:10) Though the wicked one should be shown favor, he simply will not learn righteousness. In the land of straightforwardness he will act unjustly……. 

    They don’t fear judgment.

    (Ecclesiastes 8:11) 11 Because sentence against a bad work has not been executed speedily, that is why the heart of the sons of men has become fully set in them to do bad.  

    Shamansky: They Can Buy Their Own Damned Lunch


    "In recent months, we have seen Tom DeLay --the House Majority Leader --indicted for ethics violations and forced to resign his seat in Congress."

    Did Tom Delay fear the risk, enough to do the right thing

    Because if sentence against a bad work is not punished.

    With some people if there is no fear of judgement, why do good?

    Society as a whole has the same mentality; why be good, if badness gives you a reward now.

    Some say to heck with charity, or caring about others, Congress say’s, “as long as I got healthcare why should I care about the other guy”  

    Who'll judge them for being selfish and uncaring ?

    No law against that, is there? Or is there?

    Thanks, Ramona. You post reminds me of an Alternative Radio talk I heard this weekend by Paul Cienfuegos. His #1 bugbear was the Citizen's United decision, and he took pains to remind us that corporations have been steadily gaining legal rights formerly reserved for citizens since the early 1900s. Cienfuegos further feels we have reduced ourselves to ineffective, single-issue activism - which reminded me of the question I posed here: Are the elite and working poor both too damaged and fragmented to work together for their own interests?

    Ramona I apologize, but the comments are getting very thin, and I too was experiencing difficulty with commenting over the last few days.

    I’ve just tried again,with the above comment and this is what it reads 

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    Resistance, I'm so sorry you're having trouble.  There are a couple of "techies" who are on top of it, trying to figure out what's going on, and I think they thought it was fixed but apparently not.  I'll see what I can find out.  Thanks for letting me know.

    Thank you for your empathy, I was able to post the comment AFTER  I log out and then logged in. Maybe that is all, that needed to be done.

    keeping my fingers crossed

    Again thanks Ramona, we must stay ever vigilante for fear censorship became a reality  

    I'll pass that along, too--that you had to log out first. Hoping this is fixed soon. You're more than welcome, Resistance.

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