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    Occupy Party Grabs Domain Names

    I just googled Occupy Baltimore, found wwwdotOccupyBaltimoredotcom, and thought, hey they're making progress. But at the bottom of the page, above links to 124 other Occupy domain links, is a link to Occupy Party. If you followed the discussion in Genghis' latest article, Lost in Liberty Square, he commented:

    Uh, that other site has ads for,, and, ahem, (with a charming photo of a smiling Ron Paul).

    Occupy Wall Street found it necessary to distance themselves from these folk, and now we can see why.

    Update: The real Occupy Baltimore group does have a blog at

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    I don't know if this is on subject but the best thing to happen this week was the entry into the discussion by the unions. There are articles at Huffpo and Salon about this today.

    If the teapartiers had been more clever, they would have officially joined the festivities instead of dissing them.

    For once Fox News has actually helped the political situation I think by attacking the 'sit ins'. Forget the hypocrisy for a moment and this attempt by right wingers to outblog the protesters; I am just happy that the conservatives are distancing themselves from this 'movement'.

    One of the cornerstones of the teaparty movement was the attack on 'bailouts'. A lot of folks in that group just hate Wall Street and pricks like Armey turned the issues around and the focus went away from the felonies committed by the big banking institutions.

    At first I was afraid that conservatives would do the same thing to this 99% movement.

    Those fears are gone.

    The 1% have started their own website: with a slogan, "We are the 1%. And we're 100% proud." Not too proud, though because there's a donate button.

    Here's a tweet: "#OccupyOccupyWallStreet is the voice of the 1%. We will no longer be silenced."

    Wow.  I wonder who that '1%' is?  Silly.


    Fortunately Occupy Denver has their .org domain name and their facebook page. 

    I put out a post to my local community today.  I hope to attract more informed adults to the movement here to help bolster our efforts. 

    I am going to suggest that we try to have regular teach ins on the schedule and get people to come and talk to everyone about various issues and ideas

    I already got a blog up and Genghis has 1000 comments and I do not know where else to put this.




    I get mad at Dylan; he constantly is wrangling about how both parties are at fault.

    Shultz is my guy. He does what I do...he just shows tapes of repubs lying and then screams at them. Shades of Keith O.

    But Dylan got to me on this one.

    Shultz has been looking for any sign that our President will act like a dem. And so Eddie has been cheering on Obama lately with the Prez's attacks on the repubs and with his new 'proposal' and this made me happy.

    Dylan has a real argument though.

    First, the repubs aint gonna do one goddamn thing for the unemployed.

    That is a given.

    But Dylan says look; we have twenty million or more folks without a legal job. Surely a percentage of those have been lost to the underground economy but Jesus H. Christ there is no hope. Even if Obama's package were passed--and the GD dems in the Senate are insuring a win by repubs--we would only be looking at a million and a half jobs under this program that aint goin nowhere.

    There is an argument to be made on Shultz's side, because a million and a half more folks working means over a million folks spending more money which in turn....

    I always thought that Dylan was posturing. He has more money than God and why he needs a mid PM program is beyond me. He wears these five thousand dollar suits and his hair is perfect and...well I just hate the guy.

    But I am not so sure now. Dylan is saying our system does not work.

    And I thought of those days when we did have 60 in the Senate (with two in the hospital of course) and I thought of the bastard in Neb? with the toupe and a bunch of other crappy dems and I started getting mad.

    The Senate does not work! And that is as much the sin of the dems as the repubs even though the repubs are just damn evil corporate oligarchists.....blah blah blah


    So at this time, at this moment, I support Dylan.

    And I really support those folks protesting the extreme unfairness of our economic system.

    the end

    I hope I have no screwed up your blog!

    Traffic is slow today and most will skip this comment anyway!

    Only I can screw up my blog:

    I have no idea what is up with Ratigan, but his past few podcasts have been really great. Maybe he is just someone who had an epiphany and woke up. Regardless, he's getting some good info out there.

    An Occupy Wall Street photo gallery in the Guardian:

    Hmmm, does she actually intend to chase down the rich and eat them? 

    NO NO NO!

    For chrissakes, the bigger fish represent guys like beckerhead and issa and pierpont morgan and tammy wynette (when she was in her prime and making buckets of money when no one knew what real music was) and dicky cheney and rummy and....

    The bigger fish represents those who would eat their own feces alive.

    I have not really thought this out but I know the little fish are the better peeps!

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