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    Wars? Health Care Reform? Massive unemployment? Ask Tiger Woods, says Harry Reid

    In the latest bit of proof that today`s politicians are running the show only because the best and brightest wouldn`t get within 20 miles of politics, Sen. Harry Reid showed his compassion and transparency, all the while loading up on Tiger Woods Keywords.

    From HuffPo

    A group of reporters approached Sen. Harry Reid on Thursday afternoon and attempted to question him about Afghanistan and health care reform. Instead of answering, Reid inexplicably quipped "Get the answers from Tiger Woods."

    CNN Political Ticker reports:

    When an aide warned Reid that his quip would "end up on the CNN Web site," the smiling majority leader repeated his previous directive.

    "Ask Tiger, not me," Reid said as he walked away from the closed-door briefing he had just received on Afghanistan.


    Stay classy, Harry. You know, it`s almost like Congressional leaders are thrilled when non-news events hit the networks. And if a penis is somehow involved, well, then they get to work (or not work) in complete and total secrecy while all penis-related issues are worked out.




    This is the downside to so much satire: I had to actually follow your link (the horror!) to find out that Reid did, in fact, say to ask Tiger Woods.

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