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    Sometimes I become so enmeshed in the daily dramas of life that I forget to recognize the important milestones of those I hold dear. In such cases of neglect, the sin is not selfishness--I care, I really do--but rather self-absorption. My life is like a gripping suspense film. I...just...can't...turn...away. Not because my life is particularly interesting. It just happens to be mine. In addition, I have an attention absorption problem. I can't even turn away from an episode of Elmo's World. (My nephew and I like to spend quality time with our furry red monster friend.)

    And so I forget things like birthdays and anniversaries. Many of them are in my calendar, but sometimes I even forget after my phone cheerfully buzzes to remind me. And my laptop calendar chirps crossly. And my Yahoo calendar pops open a stern notice. And Friendster account sends me a glowering email (my only reminder of its continued existence). I'm incorrigible.

    On September 23rd, I forgot yet another important birthday. This one was not in any of my calendars. Probably because it belongs to an animate object...er...abstract entity.

    Happy belated birthday, dagblog!

    Yes, dagblog turned 1-year-old last month. It's grown up so fast--seems like only yesterday when it was just a parked page with large letters that said "Coming Soon." There were just three bloggers at the beginning.  Hence the name, dagblog.  With the new addition of Doctor Cleveland, we're up to seven, having lost poor Mortimus along the way. (We've considered changing the name to dagdolcblog, but it's way too stupid.)

    I'd like to celebrate, belatedly, with a few dagstats. In its first year of life, dagblog had 100,147 unique visitors. Our writers and guests wrote a total of 787 articles which received 7768 comments. We have 88 feed subscribers, 78 facebook friends, and 25 twitter followers.

    I'd also like to take a moment to shout thanks to everyone at dag:

    • My co-founders: Deadman and Articleman
    • My co-bloggers: Orlando, DF, Larry Jankens, Doctor Cleveland, and the much-missed Mortimus
    • Our illustrious guest bloggers: Nebton, Acanuck, Bill Wolfrum, jaisizzle, KRXA Hal, Prophet, NeuroTic, ChronoSpark, and of course, the lovely SarahPalinGrrrrl
    • Our loyal readers and contributors: Dijamo, quinn the eskimo, Bluesplashy, crazedandconfused, kalakitty17, elliotness,  LisB, Donal, CaliforniaPaige,  Marquis de Sea to Shining Sea, workerbee, AM, scofflaw, littleblackpropaganda, GeofhrisKhzn, stillidealistic, and michael.
    • All the lurkers out there who read but don't comment--thanks for being with us, and don't be afraid to speak up. (Unless you're an ass-hat. We already have enough of those.)

    Thanks to the old-timers. Welcome to the new-timers. Auld lang syne, and all that. Here's to another great year at dag!

    -- Genghis

    PS I'll try to remember on the actual day next year.



    I agree with Genghis, gumballs and prostituties. Happy belated to Dag and friends!

    It's kinda been crashing since the Orlando move.

    It's like you're all frightened or something. Of something. Whatever.

    Oh yeah. Congrats.

    Larry looks like Nixon and I'm the scary one?

    It's a glandular condition.

    A well-done first year, folks. Now, back to payingattention to Genghis' life. It's not exciting, but it's his.

    Personally, I'd like to see more comments from asshats, as it could potentially make me look better.  Maybe not quite YouTube asshat-y, but some Digg-level asshats might do the job.


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