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    dagblog is One-Month Old

    Hey daggers. Today is dagblog's one month anniversary. We're off to a
    great start. We've generated a lot of material in a short time (at the
    expense of work and sleep). A few of our posts, including SarahPalinGrrrrl's Sarah Palin Tribute Page, have gone viral and generated a
    lot of traffic. Discounting the big traffic spikes, we're now up to about
    500 visitors a day, so thanks for reading us. If you like a post, you
    can always help us to grow our readership by clicking any of the
    "bookmark/search" links at the bottom of the post, such as digg and
    reddit. And if you want to be notified of our latest posts, you can
    click the RSS subscribe link in the masthead, or click the link at the
    top each blog section to subscribe to the latest from a particular
    blogger or topic.

    The next couple of weeks will be very exciting because of the election,
    and we'll keep posting politics and satire daily. We're also expanding
    our scope by introducing some new bloggers and posting more on other
    topics, so stay tuned. On election night, we have two events: an
    election party at a location TBD in the New York area,
    live-blogging the election. We may even have the liveblog on a
    bigscreen in NYC.

    Thanks again,
    The Dagblog Team



    Well, let me be the first to say: Woooooo!!!

    Happy first month's birthday, guys!!!  Congratulations!!

    Congrats!  I'm proud of youse guys.  Also, I would like to register, just this once, that I hate it when people use "grow" as a transitive verb.  Hate hate hate it.

    Thanks, Paige. Transitive "grow" is becoming common usage. Besides, you can grow a plant and a beard, so why not readership?

    Agree it's common usage.  Doesn't make me like it any more, though!

    I'm with Paige, but in any case, congrats. Glad to hear that your readership is growING. :)

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