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    2022 THE END OF AN ERA

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    Donald Trump is finally released from prison in 2022.

    He had served three years of his thirty year sentence having been duly convicted for crimes involving fraud, extortion, bribery, perjury, impeding the investigation of a felony, attempting to aid and abet a foreign enemy......

    Well, that was all behind him following the Executive Order  of President Pat Sajak commuting Trump's sentence to time served; and so Trump traveled to his old home  by bus, located at some golf course in Florida to visit Melania and his son....

    And a song was born:

    I lost this song awhile ago. This blog just does not work at all without it. hahahah





    As his majesty looked through the windows of that bus and as the bus traveled past that golf course home, all he saw dripping from the Old Oak Tree were black ribbons with images of Satan and Karl Rove.

    Okay then, Trump thought and he continued his journey into the Caribbean Abyss.

    THE END 




    Astroturf runner,
    abandoned by the Empire,
    sinks into quagmire.

    very nice, moat, very thought-provoking!

    Thank you.
    I think Richard has a good movie in the works here.

    And, as a requirement of his parole , the Donald had to appear on WHEEL OF FORTUNE one year after his release  This is how the game ended:

    I'd like to solve, Pat!

    Really?  This soon?  Go ahead, Donald!

    A_ _  Y_ U  N_ _ _  I S  _ _ _ _

    ALL.         YOU      NEED        IS      GOLD!!!!!!!

    Oh, too bad Donald!  Back to the pokey for you!

    Cville, I thought about this. I think all I did was listen to a few notes of this old song on some ad? and it came to me that our President has no soul and never had a soul and I really doubt that anyone will rue his passing.

    Minutes following his funeral all interested parties will end up in some Estate attorney's office.

    They won't wait for the funeral. 

    In fact they will wait to see what they get so they can decide just how to bury him. 

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