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    Is Anyone Keeping a Tail on This Weasel?

    He's back . . .


    May 27, 2017 | BlueDot Daily | Patrick Simpson

    Yes, Trump’s Russian Scandal Is Real, Does It All Trace Back to One Guy


    June 22, 2017

    Bloomberg | By Bill Allison and Ben Brody

    Disgraced Lobbyist Abramoff Reveals Failed Bid for Trump Meeting




    Alrighty then Ducky.

    But why does this maniac look so much like Stone?

    I mean Trump's Stone? ROGER STONE?


    Oh, by the way....I will always hit your links and then....later I cannot recall where or why I ended up there?



    Oh and great wise man:



    Hi Dick...

    But why does this maniac look so much like Stone? I mean Trump's Stone? ROGER STONE

    It's funny you mentioned that...Abramoff and Stone go wayback

    Take a read ot this from GOP Watch...

    The year was 1983, as part of the college republicans that Abramoff wrote a resolution to condemn the Soviet Union for using propaganda against such an ally as Apartheid South Africa.  Abramoff left the College Republicans that year and founded the International Freedom Foundation.  It turned out later that the South African Government was spending a million dollars a year keeping that afloat so Abramoff could help them. Jesse Helms and Dan Burton initially helped the IFF, which introduced Jack to the newly formed secretive far right group the Council for National Policy.  The IFF was also located next door to Paul Weyrichs Free Congress Foundation.


    In 1985, Comrade Jack founded Citizens for America and immediately decided to host a meeting of anti-Communist dictators. He reached out to crazed outdoorsman Jack Wheeler for advice and contact information,  and the White House sent young aide Dana Rohrabacker as the eyes and ears of the operation.  They had the meeting in Angola, and called it the Democratic International. The Far right dictator that strikes me the most here is Jonas Savimbi. Savimbi was represented by a young lobbyist named Paul Manafort at the time, and it has been said that the events planning location was in Manafort’s office with Roger Stone and Charlie Black.  Reagan invited him to CPAC in 1986, and even gave a speech talking about the plight of freedom fighters like him and Andrei Sakharov. Paul Weyrich even wrote an article about how great he was in 2002.




    Netflx has the documentary "Get Me Roger Stone". It wont make you like him any better.


    In all fairness, he is a sharp dresser  and evidently, not tortured by "size anxiety" as evidenced by his solicitation of the "well hung" for play dates.




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