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    AOC Takes The Vaccine

    Donald Trump's rampaging Twitter feed might have put a bad taste in people's mouth as far as politicians and public figures on social media go. However, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez seems to actually get the concept of using social media platforms to reach out to people in a constructive way. She took the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine and documented it herself via photos and texts. This is taken from Elle:

    On Friday, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez posted on her Instagram story that she was going to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, and she took her followers through her experience.

    "Hey everyone! So we found out last night that the COVID vaccine was available to members of Congress as part of the 'continuity of governance' plan (basically a national security measure)," she wrote, to kick off her story.

    On Facebook, she also noted to her supporters that she wouldn't ask anyone to do anything she wasn't willing to do herself.


    did you see that Pelosi shut her out of the committee assignment she wanted?


    Better write-up at Politico

    Seems this was large scale unhappiness amount Congressional Dems, especially AOC backing their opponents.


    thanks! obvious from that it wasn't just a Pelosi thing!

    Pelosi has already said that she will retire soon. Stuff like this only makes the racial and generational divide that much more fierce and intense once it comes to a head.

    Pelosi had a challenger out here from the left, Shahid Buttar, who got significant national airtime and exposure despite a longshot candidacy. She is the old guard. AOC is the new guard.

    The Who used to tour with The Clash, and Townsend would give his guitar to Joe Strummer as part of the act - old guard passes to new guard. Keith Richards noted that's dumb - in real life the new guard just takes it - there is no anointing a successor. AOC can take it if she can. What makes AOC's direction any better than another? Mainly her (and others') ability to carry it out.

    Is it not basically that you've got to get along with the other guys and gals in your own band?

    And I also recall reading lots of stories and seeing movies about how the lead singer started to get too big of a head about how the fans didn't really care about the rest of the band and he/she could just do without them and then after that.....cheeky

    I'm not an AOC tea-leaf reader, but no, she doesn't necessarily have to get along with them, i mean, how do you significantly change without pissing off your own team some? Look at Liz Warren's anodyne statement on what the Dems saved, and she gets tweet-back for it. And yet we think Dems need to do more effective messaging - but how? The press just covered a near coup as if it were just a difference in opinion.

    ah but committee seats are not like everything else as I learned reading the Politico article you recommended. And this particular case was just not your average vote by your team of colleagues but a secret ballot vote, so that people could feel free to vote exactly how they felt.

    Yes, but they might feel different in a year or two - politics evolves. Which strategy will be seen as best then? One of the current or something new? 10 months ago Biden's approach looked toast. Suddenly it was convenient, the best alternative. In other times maybe not.

    Vaccine in pregnancy -

    not that I thought they were ever "in lockstep" but just because it's on your topic:

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