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    Arizona: new lethal cocktail one gram dose of heroin


    Beset as they are both by Big Pharma sanctions and  ongoing challenges under the cruel and unusual prohibitions of the Eighth Amendment occasioned by the failure of second line sedatives to prevent what looks to observers like excruciating pain, the advocates of capital punishment are entertaining a creative solution.


    Perhaps noticing that thousands of their children manage to kill themselves with chilling efficiency and a smile on their face as they do so, the responsible authorities in Arizona have quietly circulated feelers to the medical community.


    They wanted to know how much pure heroin would do the job.


    It was generally agreed that one gram was, to coin a  pun, guaranteed overkill.


    Parenthetically, given the Jury Trial mandate of the Fifth Amendment, how can a 7-5 jury vote against execution be constitutionally overruled by the judge?

    Republican lawmakers in committee have immediately objected that they don't want the execution to be fun for the defendant, even if they were constitutionally prohibited from inflicting the torture that their Yahwist pathology urged.

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