Bernie calls for a revolution

    America is broken. The problems are numerous. Banks, Wall Street Bankers, Hedge funds, big banks too big to fail, corporations, and rich bankers. Business as usual will not solve our problems. We need a Revolution. A Revolution of The People, The People who are democratic senators. The People who are democratic representatives. The People who are democratic governors and democratic mayors. The People who are democratic super delegates. These are The People who should pick our democratic nominee.

    But shouldn't the people who pick the nominee be the voters? NO! That isn't Revolutionary. That is how it's always been done and look at where that has brought us. voters choosing leaders has failed us time and time again. voters picking winners is business as usual. We need a Change. We need The People who are super delegates to do something Revolutionary to change the bad choices of the voters.

    Republicans have made Revolutionary choices. With The People on the Supreme Court republicans started a Revolution and eventually a war. Republicans chose the path of Revolution to defeat Al Gore. Republicans didn't let the bad choices of the voters determine the president. They choose the Revolution and went to The People on the Supreme Court.

    Should democrats be left behind while the republicans support The Revolution with the election of George Bush? Are we not the party of The Revolution? Are we not The Revolutionaries? I call on The People who are democratic super delegates to abandon business as usual politics of letting the popular vote decide our elections. I call on The People who are super delegates to go beyond the petty politics of popular votes and vote for the Revolution. The Revolution is Bernie Sanders.


    As you well know, Ocean Kat, Bernie Sanders is not a leader of anything.  He has been in Congress for more than 2 decades and he has not authored one bill, organized one coalition to push his supposed issues, or even joined other coalitions championing those same issues.  

    He witholds his "aye" votes for anything that is not explicitly in agreement with him, thereby losing many progressive compromises (because compromises are evil -- just ask the tea party)

    No, Sanders is no more interested in governing than is the Tea Party.  He doesn't want the Democracy we have. And the fact is THAT HE CANT CHANGE IT. He knows that, so who is he bullshitting?  A bunch of college students with no real-world experience who think he will give them free college?  

    I'm done giving Bernie a pass.  He is dishonest, or hooked on the money he is getting. One or the other.

    "Superpredators", Sarajevo, Glass-Steagall, death penalty, gay marriage, Honduras, Haiti minimum wage, Colombia, Panama,  Iraq war, Libya, "no-fly zone", bankruptcy bill, TPP, private email server, Goldman Sachs speeches, defense contractors, AIPAC, Walmart Board of Directors, MFN for China, Patriot Act, "hard working white people", Iran, fracking.

    tl;dr = SS, DD

    Yeah she's made an awful lot of bad decisions.  Even when each is identified by one word or a phrase, they add up quickly.

    I see your ability to misconstrue something remains unmatched.

    Misconstruction aside, you whined that my comment is too long and repetitive.  Please advise how I could have shortened it and made the same points.  I am always looking for ways to improve my writing.

    Sanders is absolutely wrong to imply the super-delegates should reverse the will of the Democratic primary electorate and give him the nomination.  It is hypocritical in the extreme given his earlier criticism of the super-delegates as anti-democratic.  It won't work.  If it did work, Clinton's voters would rightly be waxing wroth and many wouldn't vote for him thereby jeopardizing Democratic chances to retain the White House.

    Think of the Children

    Bernie Sanders got on the political ferris wheel, and now feels like his ride is being cut short.  The Carny operating the ride wants him to get off and he hasn't even made a complete circle.  Bernie wants a full revolution, not a half-circle!  Bernie got a ticket to ride and now he's being told he's just a day-tripper.  Bernie says he wants a revolution, but ... if goes worshipping pictures of Chairman Mao, he ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow ... he's got to free his mind instead.   So, let it go, Bernie, let it go. Just remember, a revolution is just a circle that you find in the windmills of your mind. 

    Round 'n round...

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