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    Bill Gates: Hypocrite?

    This is pretty awful.

    So Microsoft overpaid severance to some laid off workers and has the gall to go to them and ask for it back?

    This really erases any good feelings I may have had for Bill Gates based on the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation work. I think before Bill gives another dime to charity he should show that he can take better and more humance care of his employees.


    Am I the only one who finds this jeezly hilarious? MS overpays it's laid off workers--because of a software bug. And then has the cajones to ask for the money back--from unemployed workers who are unlikely to feel generous towards their former employer?

    Destor, fyi, you can retain your positive feelings for Mr. Gates. He's no longer employed by the company, and I highly doubt that he was consulted on operations decisions.

    The governemt has over payed bennifits  and requested the money be repaid when they found their error.  Some of those  required to repay money,  did not have the educational or work credientials to obtain  employment to  repay the governemt.

    If Microsft did make an error in accounting and asked for the over payment to be returned, my thoughts are:

    Microsoft did to the qualified, what the United States Governemt  does to the poor unqualified.  

    Maybe Microsoft is the governemt.

    I would guess, that once developed, software would be more accurate without the day to day imput of emotional, moody sickly, needy human employees.

    Is this blog  suggesting that companies capable of creating technologies which elimiate the need to hire the less than perfect  human,  do so?

    1. There would be less need for needy human bennifits packages

    2. Those recieving services monitored by a computer, would not  have to worry about the hacking and lacking of human capabilities.

    Monkeys rule PM !!!!! (Painfull keys being pounded by monks)  And you thought this was "ape people of the night"

    Infomercial..Feeling sad because you have no money.  Has  the  governemt or your last employeer  asked you to return earned retirement bennifits?

    These problems and many more are easily solved by:

    Killing  yourself and donating  your body parts to the "happy to be alive" people.

    Sonsored by: ACRO:   American Computer Rights Organization. Specializing in stopping discrimination against the drones and clones of an underpaid , overworked mechanized labor force.

    If this comment pssed someone  off.. address the author ( a human incompetent)


    So many deep thoughts in this comment, I'm not sure where to start. Uh...Destor..anyone? Help!

    Umm.. did you click its link?

    Well that's going to help me sleep well tonight.

    Get that guy an Avatar, stat!

    They made a mistake in overpaying. If MSFT had not sent the letters asking for the money back, (and the news of the overpay got out)  there would be rumors and whispers about what happened. Imagine the consipracy theories that would abound, if it was known that some people got extra money.

    MSFT did the right thing by sending out the letters asking for the money back, then backing down. 




    Hi Destor!!! I think someone in the buracracy over there said: OOOPS. If I got the notice, I would write that the addressee is no longer here, no forwarding address.

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