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    Blood on your hands? Call Jared!

    Kushner Crisis Management, that is.

    Remember the generalized outrage when it was bruited about that Jared Kushner (he of the purchased Ivy admittance) advised MBS Mohammed Bone Saw Bin Saud) that in the end, the furor over the Kashoggi atrocity would prove to be merely a speed bump?

    Beyond outrage, there was derision--"Jared? PR advice? Y'gotta be kidding!"

    Ha, ha, ha. The joke's on us

    Business Quietly Returns to Saudi Arabia After Khashoggi’s Murder

    Perhaps a second BDS movement will arise, led by Richard Branson (Fly Virgin! --fly pure...)

    Alas, Google, JP Morgan and Softbank are likely to prove hard to boycott.

    I recommend the purchase of one share each in the offending corporations, and thereafter mounting a shareholder proxy fight to oust the complicit Directors.

    The vote will likely re-affirm the tenure of the offenders, but the publicity will be invaluable.


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