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    Born in East LA

    The ramp up of a program of extreme deportation ( to accompany the extreme vetting regime....) inevitably brings to mind that Cheech Marin tour de force, Born in East LA.


    The plot depended, of course, upon the "unlikely" device of a native born American being rounded up mistakenly and dropped in Mexico.



    Ha-ha, right?


    How many instances, do you suppose, are known?


    Number coming....Da fuque???




    Holy shit!


    NB: Of the 20,000 cited, none are yet to be counted on Trump's tally--(Thanks, Obama...)

    O/T:  I am gobsmacked by how young Cheech looks and devastated by contemplating that the change in my appearance, must, by inference, be comparable....hide the razor blades and confiscate my belt.

    Jolly... Change in appearance?

     Good gawd ya'll... It's Grandpa...


    Grandpa Moses - missing his pogo stick.

    Oh maaaan....


    otoh the alternative is more unattractive, and, quiet as it is kept, Cheech looks like he still makes the iron tremble in fear when he hits he gym, as it were.I

    'm guessing that there are no razor blades to hide (truth to tell, none 'round here either.  Have you heard about THiS guy?"


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