If I  had adolescents in the house I'd make sure they didn't see me reading Dagblog. A bad example.

    The slanging match between Hal and a cohort of his opponents is wrong and should stop. It's not "robust" it's beneath us. Hal put his money where his mouth was-went to New Hampshire to try to help Bernie. Fine. That's what we should all do,chose the least undesirable candidate and work for her/him. Afterwards he voted for Hill, as did Bernie. Since then he's gone on a bit to much for my taste but IMHO that's because he's embittered by the violence with which he's attacked.

    BTW I think she was a great candidate. She has  flaws. Tell me about it. I'm the only one who doesn't.

    Oh, you don't think so . Well even Homer nods..................You're wrong in not recognizing my sterling qualities.

    I often think Hal is wrong . I never think he's ridiculous. 

    How about his own bitter attacks on his team of opponents? Sure they're wrong but they are understandable as his way of defending himself. 

    Do we want him to fold his tent and leave? I don't.s 

    Let me take the other side. Hillary is subjected to outrageous abuse. TPM or Daily Kos had a link yesterday to a 20 minute long evil attack on her whose intelligent sounding narrator accuses  her of sponsoring a world wide campaign to encourage the use of deadly medications as a device to solicit enormous financial contributions.Sick. And could tempt me into responding  violently to  any attack on Hillary.

    But as tricky Dick once said " But that be wrong". And it would be.

    If you:Hal, rmr, OK ,pp, whomever are driven to distraction by some piece here




    The reason that the Bernie vs. Hillary debate repeatedly raises its head is that they are both still on the scene. Bernie talk" millionaires and billionaires " repeatedly. We still have not seen him in a black community. Hillary has a very popular book and enthusiast supporters. People are thanking her and crying when they meet her. Democrats are going to go forward using aspects from both Clinton and Sanders platform. Hillary and Bernie serve as proxies for different factions of the Democratic Party. There are Democrats in the wings but it is likely that we won't break from Bernie vs. Hillary until candidates come forward for 2020. We are talking policy, but using Bernie and Hillary as examples. Down the road we will focus on different politicians.

    Donald Trump is a racist. Donald Trump says that there are " fine people" among white supremacists. Trump created a commission to suppress black votes. Don't tell me to hold my breath. Trump ids the President of the Divided States.


    Sanders will make make comments about Healthcare with the Republicans

    Hillary will make comments about some ridiculous statement that Trump makes

    Trump will talk about crooked Hillary

    Dagbloggers will respond to their statements.

    There will be passion.

    Thanks Flavius for the support. It's greatly appreciated. I hope my attacks haven't been bitter. In fact, I hope they haven't been attacks at all. I try very hard to keep my comments factually-based and to justify every opinion with facts. I will redouble my efforts going forward.

    You spin and then claim your opinions are facts. You know exactly what response your attacks will get because you've made the same attacks a dozen times before and got the same response a dozen times before. You do it all because you're butt hurt that your candidate lost and because you hate Hillary.

    I wish Sanders had won the primary because after he lost the general we'd be done with him and the democrats could move on without his interference. When the general public learned about his sexual deviant views from his essays where he claimed it's a good thing for children to run around naked and touch each others genitals, said that reading articles about a 12 year old girl getting raped by 14 men appealed to him, thinks women having sex fantasize about being raped by 3 men, and thinks it's a good thing if teen girls have sex because it's less likely they'll get breast cancer he'd be ignored by the party he doesn't support and gone from public life. Apparently republicans don't mind being led by a sexual deviant but I don't think the democrats would accept it. Sanders would go back to being an insignificant and ineffectual gnat on the side lines ignored by the party he only caucuses with.

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