The British Schindler

    Much more of the story @ Wikipedia.


    Read Lore Segal on the Kindertransport.

    "Other people's houses.".

    One side  bar, described dispassionately. When settled in with her UK host it

    was not a cherished guest. She and her parents who got out somehow

    were required  to function  as the  "live in couple" whom the hosts would probably

    otherwise have employed.

    Who's to say why not?

    Thanks for the tip. I see it has been recommended recently (in summer) at The Guardian as "newly relevant." The review is interesting in itself.

    Two elements of the story particularly remained with me.

    o Her father ,a successful Austrian banker , in arranging Lore's  inclusion  in the Transport exhausted  his ability to cope and thereafter was an ineffective shadow of his former self.

    o When they finally got to  Britain both parents , as I alluded to above ,were settled with a middle class family as servants. And in that role  firmly made to  " know their place".  Upstairs and downstairs didn't mix.

    Part of life's complexity.


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