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    Can you dig it, Suckas?

    Hey guys, new here, but I just want to tell you all that I really “dig” this blog.  Get it?  I’ve been looking for years for a place like Digblog, where smart people gather to discuss hoes.  Backhoes, that is!

    I’ve been from one end of this great country to the other and I can promise you this, not one square foot of America couldn’t be improved by a little digging.  Digging is what makes America great.  It’s how we find diamonds and oil and diamond oil, which are unbreakable little rocks that are also slippery and combustible.

    Now, I don’t want to dig myself into a hole here (actually, I do!) but I have to admit that I voted for Donald Trump and I did it because Donald promised to dig up a lot of things and no matter how you spell it, digging means jobs and jobs, conversely, means digging, so it’s a virtuous economic cycle, really, which is why the stock market is up so much after Obama ruined it (by not digging.) Did you know that Trump personally built most of his hotels?

    My mama taught me that if you ever find yourself in a hole, keep digging.  This is my mama.

    I hope to read more about digging from all of you in the months ahead.  Keep on diggin’!


    Welcome to Digblog!


    Fapril Ools

    The Diggers were an important piece of Haight-Ashbury lore. When push comes to shovel, we'll dig our way out of this mess, as sure as Archimedes invented Archaeology. I suppose the worst of this episode have been the *in*dignities, but a little dirt on someone is good for the digestion, that's why so many kids do it. Of course Digblog will have to compete with Digby's, but nothing a backhoe won't fix - or tear apart, as New Order sang. But I digress. Yes, great for to make this your new digs, your new Digestan so to speak, but don't confuse a digathon with diction, meaning we may not talk or look or even smell real good, but we're people of the earth, willing to get a bit of dirt on us or even wallow in the mud if that's what it takes, and we know when to call a spade a spade. So dig in and start diggin' -it'll be a real hoot-and-hoe down. But remember the ground rules - you can't denigrate your fellow Digblogger, but you can dignegrate him or her. Or it. Yes, on the internet nobody knows whether you're a steam shovel or a plow or even a boring old posthole digger. Just make your dent in whatever form or fashion, but remember, you never get a second chance to leave a deep impression, so don't waste it - dig for gold. You might turn up a turnip.

    PS - April Fuels

    As all dagblog writers and readers know, dagblog is the most influential site on the internet. All the major sites look to dagblog for memes to use in their work. We constantly see a blog or even a comment here that is soon repeated on other news sites. For example your bulldozer meme has already been picked up by the daily beast.

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