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    I recently read an article at the Daily Beast entitled:

    Being There Is The Trump Bible.


    And certainly, folks might see correlations between Chauncey Gardner and THE TRUMP.

    Now all Gardner wished for was his room in the manor in which he was born.

    Chauncey had no idea about the world outside.

    Chauncey lived in a parallel universe.

    So when his LORD died and Chauncey was left to find his own destiny; well Chauncey was confused; to say the least.

    We find Gardner wandering about the city that he knew nothing about, looking for a Black Lady to feed him dinner or supper or breakfast or....

    Now recall that in one of my favorite movies (of all time), some billionaire (in 1980 bucks) runs into him on some street by the billionaire's chauffeur driven car; Chauncey is welcomed into that same limousine.
    Chauncey is without artiface.
    Chauncey is without aim

    Chauncy is without knowledge of this new world in which he finds himself.
    After all, Chauncey has lived in this bubble; all his life.
    But Chauncey had no idea where in the fuck he found himself following the death of his master.

    Chauncey had never been anywhere except in the bubble created by his slave master.

    I just would underline my biases here.

    I have always thought, since I viewed BEING THERE, that this had to be one of the greatest fifty films I had ever viewed.

    This film surprised me.

    Not just the end.

    The entire film just surprised me.

    I had never felt this kind of surprise before I viewed this film.

    I believe that the Daily Beast author is wrong.
    I do believe that the best metaphor for Trump is BORAT.

    Borat is much more applicable to the present day debacle.

    Borat does come from some far away country without any idea of what America is.

    And Borat has no idea how the world works at all.

    On the one hand this movie at times brings to mind the Marx brothers, with riotous non-sequitors and zany chaos.

    On the other hand, this movie seems more like Larry, Moe & Curley finding themselves in a porno movie.

    Borat has no sense of societal propriety.
    Borat has no sense of right or wrong in any society.
    Borat has no sense of how people should interact.
    Borat has no sense of decency.
    Borat has no sense of any RULES.
    I recall viewing THE SIMPSONS for the first time.
    I recall when George HW Bush cried:
    Our values should relate to the Waltons and not the Simpsons!
    It was kind of like when Reagan wondered about all those LSD inspired songs.
    Then, one day I found myself on the couch with my children as teens viewing SOUTHPARK.
    How far can we take this?
    (And recall that the brothers who created SOUTHPARK voted for Bush

    Anyway, I hope to edit more but I feel that the film BORAT  has more to do with THE TRUMP than Chauncey!


    I am at a disadvantage Mr. Day, because I have viewed neither film. Although, Mr. flower recently watched Borat and thought it was hilarious... which makes me think I wouldn't enjoy it at all.

    I don't know which character is a good metaphor for Trump.


    Lately I have been referring to it as the Clampett White House. I mean, really...dude moves into a big white house and doesn't know how anything works.

    Flower, never view Borat for chrissakes. hahahah

    But you must see, I mean you must see BEING THERE.

    One of the best movies I have ever, ever seen!

    Hey, dd!  The truth is that if someone had made a movie about a President Trump 10 years ago, no one would like it because it wouldn't have been funny.  Also no one could really get into it because it would have been unbelievable.  Think about the prissy GOP congress, who want to take away women's rights (to save them from themselves) and even the most staunchly Christian among them embraced the pussy grabber because he could deliver what they desire --> power to make the sufferers suffer more.

    Even Borat wouldn't have done that.  I agree with you about Being There.  It was wonderful, and no one watching the movie could predict anything that would happen because it was so original.  His innocence was something hard to imagine.  Just curious...did you see The Royal Tennenbaums?  I love that movie.  The first time I saw it I laughed a lot.  The second time I was surprised to find myself crying.  The ultimate message was about redemption.  Something trump would probably not be able to imagine.

    Hi Cville.

    I just notified Flower that Being There is one of the greatest films I have ever viewed!

    There is nothing of redemption with regard to Trump.

    There is nothing of socially redeeming value about Trump. hahahah (An old definition of porno)

    Bull in a China shop is the only metaphor I was going for. hahahaha

    By the way, these new Congressional Hearings are like some new age nutsiness.

    Trump will never walk on water.

    Even though I feel that he knows that he can walk on water.


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