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    I became enthralled by the concept of combinations and permutations in my 8th grade (?) math class.

    So many decades ago.

    This concept really involves grids.


    There exists categories like:

    Black on Black crime.

    Black on White crime.

    White on White crime.

    White on Black crime.

    But life is more complicated than this:

    Asian on Asian crime.

    Asian on Black crime.

    Asian on White crime.

    You must see that there are Black gangs and White gangs and Asian gangs. And let us not ignore the threats of Hispanic gangs.


    Well there are certainly Italian gangs in this country (THE GODFATHER). And there are certainly Irish gangs and Russian gangs (just view L&O episodes sometime).

    Just look at stats from Chicago and NYC and Los Angeles and a host of other cities.

    I must add that there surely are Jewish gangs and Serbian gangs and of course we all are aware of Hispanic gangs.


    Minnesota is supposedly a monument to racial equality and historically Minnesota played a meaningful part in the North's attempt to preserve the Union during the Civil War (although half of our soldiers ended up in the further annihilation of the Native Americans during the 'good war'.) Members of the Sioux and Ojibwa Nations  were decimated by Minnesota troops.

    I underline that Minnesota supported the 13th, and 14th, and 15th Amendments to the United States Constitution.

    But who is perfect after all?


    A short time ago in the Twin Cities, a White cop shot a Black Man.

    It made the national news.


    But over the week-end, a White Australian Emigrant female was killed by the police.

    This nice lady had called 911 because she was concerned about events happening outside of her home.

    And this lady went outside to converse with someone in a car a few minutes later.

    She evidently was discussing something with the driver of a car.

    A squad car showed up.

    And one of the cops shot her dead at the scene.


    Three people “with knowledge of the incident” told the Minneapolis Star Tribune that the responding officers pulled into the alley behind Damond’s home. The woman, wearing pajamas, approached the driver’s side door and was talking to the driver, the newspaper reported. The officer in the passenger seat then shot Damond through the driver’s side door, the three people told the newspaper....

    The report stoked fear among Somalis in the Twin Cities, who have worked for decades to become part of the city’s fabric. There are now Somalis on the police force, the city council and in the Minnesota House of Representatives. But the largely Muslim population of Somali Americans in the region still face Islamophobia and innuendo about terrorism.

    This is just some crap I discovered on Youtube:



    There is much despondency in the world today.

    And in this country as well.

    I have little to add by way of coment.

    The right will say that another White was killed by a Muslim Black.

    The left will 'center upon' the White cop who killed the Black Man.

    Minnesota usually escapes this crap?


    This poor Australian who was about to be married and who looks like a grown-up pixie of mine....


    There is no reason for this at all.

    So do we blame the Somalis?

    Do we blame our police force?

    Do we blame....

    This wonderful woman is dead.

    And damn, that is all I know.

    How did the powers that be handle the White cop who killed the Black man in my state?

    How will the powers that be treat this Somalian cop?

    I was going to look at FOX NEWS on this subject but I just cannot do this right now

    Forget the 'facts' right now. this is not an easy task.

    And just think about combinations and permutations for a minute.

    But what kind of cop actually shot and killed this innocent woman in her jammies following her 911 call?

    The Australian was called for help for chrissakes?

    There certainly is Muslim on Muslim crime.

    There certainly is Muslim on White crime.

    Except Muslims rarely look at race with regard to their hatred of Western Values.

    There are White Muslims and Black Muslims and Asian Muslims and....I mean we are speaking of 1.5 billion Muslims for chrissakes.

    Muslim appear to discriminate on the basis of geography and particularly against Western Values--whatever the hell Western Values means.

    In the end, a good woman was killed by the police.




    1. Never ever volunteer information to a cop. Zip it. Answer their questions briefly and succinctly.

    2. Never approach a cop on duty especially at night, unless they tell you to approach after they make eye contact.

    3. If there is trouble in your neighborhood, stay indoors.

    I was thinking about when I was a White kid in a White suburb and that I was afraid of White cops?



    The death of Justine Damond was senseless. If Mohamed is this scared, he should not be a police officer. I predict he will be serving time. Australian woman, blonde woman, Somali-American cop, the deal is sealed. 

    yeah, the Somali cop is screwed; the shooting has already been called a homicide by the powers that be.

    No matter what, both victims are dead for no good reason!

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