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    A Contest For Favorite Words & Phrases


    I was speaking with some friends the other day and they thought a little words and phrases game might be fun. And, as everyone here knows, I am a lotta fun until I hit my seventh beer.


    My Favorite Words


    Methinks: There is something so sweet about this word, It should violate third grade rules of grammar. But you will find it in Chaucer, Mallory & The Bard.


    Ostentatious: What more can I say. I wish I was more ostentatious.


    Acrimony:  As in: The Speaker attacked the racist teabagging monkeys with great acrimony. Asperity is good, but the same ring is not heard in the telling.


    Iniquity:   As in: The Oval Office was The Den of Iniquity for eight full years.


    Hemorrhoid:  So painful and yet so disgusting at the same time. I mean "George W. Bush reminds me of a bad case of anal warts upon the military industrial complex." I mean that is pretty disgusting but Hemorrhoid or hemorrhoidal.........maybe its just the way Q likes to use it in context, of course.


    Antithesis:  The Republican Party now represents the antithesis of the values it represented upon its creation as a national organization.


    Titty:  Titty bar, titty movie house.....I don't know, maybe it's because I am still twelve at heart.


    Asinine:  I mean, it sounds so dirty, it definitely is a put down, and you cannot get flagged for using it in a comment on other more pure directed blogs.


    Apostrophe:  An elegant word but usually only referred to in grammar school.


    Paralysis:  Its spelling is so peculiar.  A professor once declared it was Joyce's favorite word.


    Contretemps:  An inopportune occurrence; an embarrassing mischance. See, even the definition sounds highfalutin.  George W. Bush found himself in contretemps, as he could not find his ass with both hands when dared by his staff.


    Telepathic:  I do not know especially why I like this word. It seems almost made-up when I think about it.  You do not need to be telepathic when you hear Cheney speak to realize that nothing but lies are being relayed.




    Favorite Phrases:


    And Toto Too:  An old SNL saying for a number of skits involving the good witch.


    Tit for Tat:  Same reason as titty. It's naughty.


    East me:  Disgusting really. And illogical. I mean why would you wish to have someone actually eat you? Same as bite me.

    Oh, and for good old Latin phrases to amaze your friends and shame your enemies:


    This is just to start everyone off. Surely the people at Café have an interest in words.  Just list a couple of favorite phrases or words or both.

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