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    Danger In Donald's Name

    Donald Trump is becoming a dangerous leader of an ignorant, angry base of people who don't give a damn about politics. They aren't looking for ways to improve our economy, policies to help the middle class or the wealthy, taxes up or down, nor do they care about wars in general - their focus is clearly on nationalism with a very white bent. "Immigration" means keeping non-whites out, "unemployment" means a Mexican took your job. "Poor" equals black and dangerous, "religion" means Christian.

    He's not a joke any more. There are people who were once -eventually- driven underground that are back with a deep sigh of relief because they have found a new Messiah. Who knew? Donald Trump the next nationalist cult leader? If it keeps the poll numbers skyrocketing then yeah, damn straight he is! He will do or say anything; we all know that. But did we know he'd really say anything? No matter what?

    It's time to treat this like an intervention before it goes any farther. The country is at stake. There's an ugly rumbling coming from our stomach, and if we don't stop it now we're looking at an uprising of the same bigoted racism we've spent too many years beating down.


    I didn't mean to initially put this under "Creative", cause it's not. It's basically a short, but sincere, rant.

    (Grr. I've deleted it four times from there, but Dag isn't paying attention.)

    I keep thinking he's going to crash and burn.  With each success, he goes farther and farther into his dark side.  There are no limits to what he'll say because he believes the majority will applaud whatever comes out of his mouth.  They'll get tired of him eventually, and he'll be done.  I think about David Duke and what a following he had for a while.  Much of the attention came, I think, because his audacity was fascinating, but when it came to actually seeing him as a leader the attraction faded.  As with Donald, it's more show biz than politics.  (I hope I'm right!)

    (I see your post is now in both places. Can't hurt!)

    David Duke seems almost tame now ... our country has moved in a different, and darker, direction than even his racism. I worry not that Trump will be elected President; I worry about what he and others will unleash as "normal" in the quest. Muslim hatred is growing ... "religious (Christian) freedom" is gaining ground as a legitimate reason to defy the law and civil rights ... there's a new, more focused darkness.

    It's clearly an example of how vital it is that those who do not subscribe to that madness make noise. Loud, intense, non-stop noise.

    (I didn't want to be in two places!! It's weird!)

    Agree. If heaven forbid he becomes Prez, we could not remove him with our TV remote. He could be even more damaging than Dubya impossible though that may seem.

    Not impossible at all. I guess it just means whether you mean domestic or foreign destruction.

    It's just another news cycle since there's no real news starting a campaign a year early. The amount people are paying attention is amazing - his best show since The Apprentice. Instead of "You're Fired", it's "You're Fucked". Better than Mad Men or Sopranos or West Wing, eh? Or maybe the same. Pseudo-reality TV

    Not another news cycle - though perhaps an ignored reality that Trump only personifies. After all, reality is what we make of it, and it's concerning that so many are using his unreal candidacy to validate their beliefs.

    It's concerning that so many are obsessing over a jackass and turning this into a long otherwise meaningless news cycle. We could discuss real economic policy or real fixes to police brutality or real issues related to global warming or real immigration issues or worker retraining, how to get out of the Mideast or pretty much anything besides a megalomaniac real estate developer whose major talent is talking loud. Take a walk, pet a dog, get your hair wet, listen to an old dusty record, anything - life is too short.

    You can't be so deluded as to think any of the Corporate Democrat presidential wannabe's running today have anything to offer on the economy or GW  beyond corporate solutions, meaning no solutions, and bombing more Muslims to stimulate the MIC. Even Sanders the Great White Hope had to be forced to address the Police murder spree of Black youth which he finally did with half-baked reform BS.

    Trump's popularity received another bump from the last debate up to 29%, lapping the competition, some more than once. Democrats never seem to learn, or are too slow to comprehend, that personal attacks aimed at a popular opponent or his followers are stupid and counterproductive, it drives some people to defend and support him who otherwise might listen to attacks on his proposals and rhetoric.

    I hope the Liberals here can pace themselves or they will soon burn out as what could be the Trump/Fiorina ticket becomes a reality. Some people here may  have already reached that breaking point with calls for 'intervention' whatever that means.

    I just think talking about or paying attention to Trump is a waste of time.

    Trump taps into a segment of potential voters who feel that they are losing their country. It is the same segment that made Ann Coulter rich. The MSM keeps Trump in the news. How Trump goes has a solvent drag effect on the other Republican candidates. The other candidates cannot to to far astray, or they risk losing Trump voters, a group they will need in the future.Trump is just winging it, but he still attracts potential Republican voters. 

    Lowest common denominator.

    Trump appeals to Democrats who like to gawk. It's a freak show in the carny pit. Meanwhile media outlets get rich. I'll take my petrodollars elsewhere. Debates should be replaced by poetry slams. "I read the policy paper on your website And frankly I was touched, caught between The shallow appeals to popular opinion And the naked manipulation of facts Mixed with bald-faced lies. Bismarck compared politics to sausage, But that would be an insult To pigs. Hungry some?"

    Republicans will vote for Trump if he is the last one standing. The base of the GOP no longer respects the opinion of the GOP leadership. The RNC and Congressional leaders have zero control over what is happening. Republicans are angry, Trump is an outlet for their rage. Ignoring Trump will not make him disappear.


    I'd love to ignore Trump and his irresponsibly incoherent attempt to grow his penile status under the glare of media drool. Unfortunately, islamophobia is not a myth, and allowing even the most idiotic among us to gain power and stature on the back of it requires push-back.

    I understand that you and others are confused and frightened by Trump;s ability to connect with disenfranchised Republican voters who are furious about the parasitic politicians who  claim the sole right to represent them. There are some democrats who have the same feelings about their imposed entitled representatives.

    Trump has masterfully played his opponents and the media by introducing divisive topics and allowing uncensored responses right or wrong to send his detractors into a frenzy of often undeserved personal attacks which drives his popularity even higher.

    The Republican elite seem to be savvy enough to moderate their attacks on Trump because they know attacks that are viewed as unfair will drive his popularity, something they have very little of.

    Liberal dems have no power to 'push back' against Trump in the primaries, they're not involved or wanted and few people who will decide on the Republican candidate care what any Liberal spouts about their leaders. In fact about 80% of voters don't listen to Liberals, even though some of them may vote with them occasionally.

    When Liberals Go Wild as we are seeing today with fascist and totalitarian slurs about Trump and his supporters it just shows how weak and clueless they are, showing the majority of voters that they are not to be trusted.

    Trump taps into GOP birtherism, racism, and Islamophobia. 

    The Birthers were an entertaining diversion that had no effect on anything of any importance. Looking back we probably would have done better if we had a Kenyan Muslim as president.

    Racism is part of our system and Trump and some of his supporters show it  just as some of Bernie's supporters do, Some Dems are more adept at appearing egalitarian but they will never destroy the racist system that their lifestyle depends on.

    Liberals are just as islamophobic as Conservatives but they try to portray themselves as the friend of the Good Submissive Muslim while bombing the good and bad indiscriminately. Trump may be the most moderate of the candidates on this issue because we  already know  HRC and Sanders are hawks who love to drone bomb and turn Muslims into bug-splat..

    Peter:= 'Self-attested good submissive non-voter", not Islamophobic, can posthumously discern good Muslims from bad ones, jokes about Kenyan Muslim Presidents as 'better', forecasts less Muslim bug splat with real estate mogul/reality show host as President and Commander in Chief, lifestyle independent from the racist system, annoyed with and seeks to reciprocate annoyance to liberals, believes they would pursue him to the South Pole to exasperatingly ensure his well being.

    Peter=Easily brainwashed.. believes Trump is a regular guy,  LOLOLOLOL. It is awesome how folks like Peter are so easily manipulated by Trumpmerica propaganda

    As for life being too short, and the need to break away now and then from the frustrations and over-hyping of political prostrations, I couldn't agree more. But I also recognize that sometimes nothing is more required than attention - even when others look away. The touchy part is determining when the attention crosses the line from wariness and warning to exacerbation.

    PS edit - response to Peracles way up there!

    Maybe send Donald some jacks? Despite his billions, he's in dire need of a real life - all money's bought is anger and media attention - a raging gorilla in a cage. With a beautiful piece of ass by his side I suppose - sounds like King Kong - except he owns the Empire State building or half of Manhattan at least. All he wanted was Cecile B DeMille and instead he got Fox News. Your turn - twosies and foursies.

    Follow the bouncing ball - but only once before the stars disappear. Got 'em all! Takes practice to beat the best, but like pick-up sticks the challenge is in the numbers ...

    I don't think Donald was ever a kid as we understand one to be; probably because we were never his kind of kid. Anyone who dabbles in pychobabble can see the picture that he's clearly defining, refining and claiming as his own. It's shallow and it's frightened. He's so afraid of failure that he'd rather watch the world blow up because of him than be unimportant.

    I was thinking of him as Rupert Pupkin from King of we do marbles like Salinger's Seymour - second one's a doozy, especially in that darkened twilight hour. Remember, the Fat Lady is Christ, buddy, she's goddam Christ I tell you...

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