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    Destor23 vs. David Brooks

    I got the idea that the next time David Brooks uses his column to write about nothing, I'm just going to blog fight him.  I had this idea like two days ago.  He's already gone too far.  So I will now administer a beating, with gratitude.

    Introducing... Destor23!

    And his opponent... David Brooks!

    Well... that was fast!



    Nice robe.  But how did you convince Genghis to be your manager?  And I assume he's holding up three fingers for the three times you bounced David Brooks' head off the turnbuckle?  Nicely done.  Looks like a packed house.  Just goes to show, you give people what they want and they'll show up.


    Don't get your cute wrestler panties in a knot when I give you a quick kick in the jewels, and I don't mean the ones on your head, cause you don't have any honey.

    David Brooks is just one of those opinionators who gets paid for doing nothing. hahahah

    I already wrote about how much I love him. hahahahah

    Several times.

    and as of yet, I never get paid.


    Mike M, that is really all that has to be said. As they say. hahahhahah

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