Don't impeach Trump

    We should make sure he is dealing with a democratic congress for his last two years. That's up to us.

    But impeachment is wrong  in principle-the person whom most of the people chose should serve and  if -as this time- that's not the case change the system. By a defect in the laws Trump occupies Hillary's office, so be it. It should be only 4 years, That's up to us.

    Once we stop considering impeachment something that's only done to a Nero there will always seem to be "grounds for impeachment".In the minds of the current McConnell. And BTW that will actually be true. Who among us, particularly including presidential candidates hasn't done one thing, one time that we shouldn't.

     And the country will be even more  ungovernable.


    Is it okay to peel back the layers until he resigns?

    "In the name of God... Go!"

    Being paranoid as a matter of personal hygiene, I am not sure if you mean:

    Go, and peel the skins of three thousand potatoes.

    Go West, not very young man.

    Get thee to a nunnery.

    Continue east as you leave Eden.

    Furthermore. If we bear the pain we should get the gain. Schumer and Pelosi  should be clear about  why they're doing what they're doing: "We don't like the guy and more importantly we detest what he's doing about Health Care, Global Warming and everything else he touches but  the people chose him -sort of. It was their turn and that's what at least a lot  of them  voted for.  So they should get it." 

    I just think it's important to keep in mind that even if he leaves the presidency early, via whatever means,  he and his fans are not going anywhere!  Never far from Twitter and Fox News for sure. Unless he gets age-related illness, not going quietly and gently into that good night....

    With the obvious consequence of a President Pence.

    But staying with  my  main point  as a country our politics at least since the Clinton "Impeachment" increasingly  makes one think of ,say, 1935  Spain.

    Generalisimo Kelly? 

    Except Congressman Elijah Cummings sent head of transition/VP-in-waiting Pence a note in Nov 2016 telling him his NSA-chief pick was damaged, Russian/Turkish-tainted goods,and yet Pence went ahead and vetted Flynn anyway and then tried to cover up any issues with him. I don't think Pence's chances for the top slot are very good. I'm pretty sure there will be even more that affects Pence via Papadoc, JD Gordon, Trump's bodyguard, Manafort, Gates, Kushner, Trump Jr, Sessions, etc.

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