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    Trump has just embarrassed the United States of America
    Other links have chosen Khruschev and Castro (with his weapon of choice) and many other dictators.
    That is links that compare our POTUS to previous idiots simply make our POTUS an idiot.
    We just viewed the end of a POTUS who has to be seen as the greatest orator of our time; we
    might think of Cicero or Democritus before him or FDR during his Fire-Side Chats or the many
    speakers I noted in a previous post.
    We already know that this moron did not write this speech. And he certainly never edited it because he would have no idea as to what edit means. hahahahahah
    I mean, when was the last time that Trump used the word 'auspices'. ha
    This jack-ass cannot even pronounce the word 'world' without fucking it up;
    And yet, he feels that he is a genius in coming to the nomen 'Rocket man'.
    He is describing the prick who currently holds the leadership in North Korea.
    We pay 22% of the cost for the UN.
    Yeah, but we hold 25% of the world's riches?
    We use 25% of the world's resources?
    We hold 50% of the world's nuclear arms?
    We hold over 50% of the world's armaments when we are not selling these
    armaments to other countries?
    Anyway, I was embarrassed by the single worst orator we have ever elected
    into our greatest office?
    Yeah, even the President of the United States must sometimes be naked?
    This moron is nakedness incarnate. hahahhahaha
    Here is our past President orating in front of the world:


    Prediction #1: Trump will exit Iran  nuclear freeze agreement. Deplorables will go apeshit. 

    Prediction #2: Within 4-6 years Iran will test a nuclear weapon. The Gulf region will start a nuclear arms race.

    Prediction #3: Republicans will blame nuclear Iran on Obama, media, on both sides.


    How the Republicans created a nuclear North Korea with similar Base enthralling tough "Axis of Evil" blather by GWB in his SOU speech, Jan. 29, 2002, note dates below are all after that belligerent bombast:

    All these events occurring under President George W. Bush:

    December 22-24, 2002:  "Axis of Evil" state North Korea cuts all seals and disrupts IAEA surveillance equipment on its nuclear facilities and materials. An IAEA spokesman says December 26 that North Korea started moving fresh fuel rods into the reactor, suggesting that it might be restarted soon.

    March 20, 2003 - GWB orders US invasion of Iraq, an "axis of evil" state.

    NK first nuclear test: October 9, 2006: North Korea conducts an underground nuclear test near the village of P’unggye. Most early analyses of the test based on seismic data collected by South Korean, Japanese, and U.S. institutes estimates the yield to be below one kiloton. Russian estimates differed significantly, and Foreign Minister Sergei Ivanov said Oct. 10 that the estimated yield was between 5 and 15 kilotons.

    October 11, 2006: North Korea’s Foreign Ministry states that its “nuclear test was entirely attributable to the US nuclear threat, sanctions and pressure,” adding that North Korea “was compelled to substantially prove its possession of nukes to protect its sovereignty.”

    Hi NCD!

    I was thinking about Obama and his three pointers:

    And here is Trump feigning bullshit


    That fool in the white pants got his bodyguards behind just in case she comes after his fat azz.

    What a contrast. 

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