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    The Emperor's New Clothes is a famous fable from afar.
    Or created in another age OF REASON?
    The fable posits that there are these two con artists who invade the empire and somehow become part of the King's Entourage.
    And somehow, these cons talk the king into believing that they are tailors who might produce the perfect line of clothes and that this king would prove himself to be at the forefront of this new line.
    So these con artists feign to present to the leader this new line of clothing that involves invisible thread.
    And they enthrall this great leader with their invisible threads.
    And this King ends up parading naked in front of his throng of adorers.
    In front of his dominion.
    So this six or seven year old speaks up:
    And the crowd goes nuts, so to speak.
    And the crowd laughs in unison.
    And the King is embarrassed.

    Well opinions are like assholes nowadays.
    Everybody has one.
    And no six year old is going to correct the buffoonery of a leader.
    I used to purchase this 8 ounce container of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.
    But I was no idiot (although a lot of the time I am an idiot).
    Due to regulations perpetrated by our FDA, there were qualifications mentioned on the label.
    Well, this is kind of an extrA VIRGIN olive oil. Olive oil is only a small part of this concoction.
    8 ounces would last me a month. I would supplement with 'real' butter?
    So this little container was gone from the shelves of my local grocer.
    And yet, I found this 32 ounce container of EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL.
    For 4 bucks.
    And the label had a disclaimer, of course.
    What do I care?
    I have smoked cigarrettes for fifty years. I mean how sensitive are my taste buds?
    This extra virgin crap is as silly as the virgin birth. hahahahahah
    There are reasons to purchase oil that seems to be better for the heart or whatever.
    Trump hides the truth.
    We do not have any idea what he makes in terms of money per his empire.
    We have no tax returns.e
    We do not have any idea where trump's holdings are.

    Let us just review the lies of President Trump over the last 90 days:



    We could find this stuff at Salon or Huffpo or a thousand other sites.

    But no six year old or anyone could ever bring this felon to his jail cell.

    I have been viewing these philosophers for years.

    But here is an entire movie discussing truth.

    What is true?


    To all those who feel that they know anything. hahahah

    Anyway, this is a great movie. A great documentary.

    Is there a God?

    Is there something?

    Is there truth, somewhere out there?

    Today, if Trump really did shoot and kill an innocent on Fifth Avenue; what would really happen?

    Fifty or sixty million folks would deny that Trump did anything wrong,

    Some six year old could not save us.


    There is only perception.

    So what is the Democratic Party to do>






    TRUMP HAS CREATED A GOVERNMENT no longer controlled by nameless plutocrats operating from Wall Street.

    They run the government from the White House. While the Count of Mar-a-Lago plays at golf.

    That is populism. GOP style.

    The plutocrats may want their job back:

    Wall Street is wising up to Trump’s long con

    I would guess that all depends upon whether Steve Mnuchin and Gary Cohn can keep Trump on the golf course while they work on what's in the tax reform bill.

    Trump wants deregulation and huge taxcuts for the rich.

    Wall Streeters like financial disruption.  They make money whether markets go up or down, they like deregulation and tax cuts for themselves, the rich.

    They can't make as much as fast if the economy just continues steady Obama growth.

     No one knows what is coming or will pass Congress, and all Trump wants is a 'win'.

    NCD the other obvious take from these kinds of photos is that fat old men, disgustingly looking old men always continue to grade women from one to ten!

    C'mon Dick. Have some pity for the guy. For years on the Apprentice, he had great script writers, the best, everyone says so. He'd come in once a week, read out stuff that sounded smart and authoritative and he could make people cry or be effusively thankful just by pointing at them. He was so good with that role of a successful businessman with shrewd advice and sharp takes on things. Really inhabited the character. And his ratings were fantastic. Now with this presidency gig, the first season's writers were great too, big crowds cheering, great catch phrases, him firing all the other candidates every week.

    But this second season is just sad. Who is writing this crap? There is no storyline at all. The writers start out this great bit about saving the country from the Muslim invaders and then they introduce some character, a so-called judge, who blocks it. Just makes him look stupid, not smart. Wow! Not good! Bad! Then they start a great storyline about him saving the country from Obamacare, but they decide to drop it right before the good part with the vote count and the signing and the cheering. Then there was the war storyline, taking on dictators, but they don't let him use any nukes. Missiles couldn't even take out an airport. They're making him look stupid and inept.

    Now with the plot all over the place, ratings are starting to drop. But it's not his fault. He's doing his job, showing up two, sometimes even three times a week for work, growling at the cameras and pointing at people like always, making people uncomfortable. You know, keeping the show interesting until the writers get their shit together. Even tried to get involved, called the producers to switch up the writers, but no dice. Tried to improvise a bit, with a great plot twist where we attack North Korea with a Carrier fleet and start world war three. But that scary general with the shaved head told him to cut it out. It doesn't make any sense. Just low energy stuff from week to week. At this rate they'll cancel the show by the end of the year. Not his fault though. He did his part to keep people entertained. 


    Jesus, this guy lost an aircraft carrier?

    Who makes sure this dunce still has his keys?





    People always misunderstand these ancient tales. The real story is that stupid incompetent six year old. If he's already such a loser that he can't see the invisible clothes at six how will he ever make it as an adult? Trump has been seeing invisible clothes all his life and look, he got elected president by promising everybody invisible clothing.

    Ocean you have a point.


    In real life this six year old would be put in detention.

    Especially if he were Hispanic or Black.


    "by promising everybody invisible clothing." - not just, THE BEST (Ivanka™)

    Peracles, I do not know where else to put this item.

    I get sick of TYT from time to time and go to this Seder guy.


    The opera shows up at about 2 minutes; hell the entire thing is six minutes.

    he's bound and determined to keep presenting that he has clothes, no matter that his minions say he's nekkid, hah:

    Trump Vows to Unveil Tax-Cut Plan Next Week, Surprising Staff

    This blog looks kind of dead.

    But this AP interview (check out Huffpo's links) just underlines what a buffoon the new President really aspires to:

    And it has been said a thousand times over the last five months or so:

    We finally found someone who makes George W look like an intellectual.




    Trump's Bebe Rebozo's accdg. to CNN today  (just thought you'd like to know, mebbe for future use):

    Tom Barrack and Phil Ruffin, "winning" sports figures like retired Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight and Patriots coach Bill Bellichick, as well as political advisers like his former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski and Rudy Giuliani, New York's former mayor.

    later in the article it mentions that he does often talk biz  only with Gingrich and Ryan, and at the end Chris Christie chimes in saying Trump still calls him, both on biz and to shoot the breeze, but I wonder it that's Trump style lie!

    Hi AA.


    Did you see how they advertise this tripe on the headlines?



    Somehow this got to me today.


    I hereby render unto AA the Dayly Line of the day award for this here Dagblog site, given to all of AA from all of me for this gem:

    ,,,but I wonder if that's Trump style lie.



    well thank you Mr. Day. glad to give you a laugh wink

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