Exactly. We need a Ted Turner type CNN back!


    Maggie Haberman:

    Broadcasting Trump is disseminating disinformation. A couple ingested tank cleaner with hydrochloroquine phosphate.

    Trump galvanizes his base

    On the other hand, for most people, watching Trump confirms that he is unfit and insane.

    Cuomo looks like a statesman

    Biden can just appear periodically and apply calm.

    Obama did the same thing during the financial crisis in 2008

    McCain appeared unhinged 

    Romney appeared similarly unhinged during Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

    CNN solution today live--I have it on-they are monitoring and playing only parts of it, they played Trump's introductory remarks and then Mnuchin on what's in the bill. They then cut away for many minutes for analysis and then when Fauci came to the podium, they turned it back on for Fauci's remarks and after that as soon as Pence came on, they cut away to analysis by guests again. With Bliitzer saying at Pence cut off: "ok we're going to monitor it"

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