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    The Face of the Future Trump/Humper Party

    Looking down the road . . .

    Where 72 million Americans are waiting …

    The Cut - Nov. 19, 2020

    The Future of the GOP Madison Cawthorn is 25,
    far-right, and already faces accusations of racism
    and sexual misconduct. And he’s headed to Congress.

    If ya’ missed him at the RNC Convention…


    How is it… I smell this steaming pile of :poop: working in the shadows?




    Man, this is Deliverance country (the more civilized Asheville area part has only 400k of 1.4m West NC). Meanwhile NC barely went for Trump by 74k, Senate for the Republican by only 96k, and that required decades of lawsuits and gerrymandering. Dems took 5 of 13 House seats, and 2 black women lost by 25k & 45k resp.

    But sure, keep on looking for the bad news - I'm sure you'll find it.

    Oh damn I forgot...

    Since when is watching the possible future political situations considered looking for the bad news?

    Oh wait... Your name is in the header bar and you make up the rules.


    "watching" ≠ "panicking"

    Looks like will have to put out more newspaper


    You know the rules

    They can talk about BLM, the Woke, and the Left lost Democrats seats in the House

    That is not looking for bad news

    Pointing out that people like Cawthorn and QAnon believers were elected by Republicans,

    Now that is looking for bad news

    Learn to play the game

    ... a lot more newspaper

    Avoids the truth of my statement about your bias

    Edit to add:

    OGD mentions a wingnut, you respond with jokes. 

    He is accused of looking for bad news

    Dont worry be happy.

    That's the truth, Ruth - Do the Right Thing.

    OGD made a truthful statement about Cawthorn.

    You felt the need to attack

    A fact check re West NC is an "attack"? Who knew.

    RMRD . . .

    Oh I know. I'm not losing any sleep over it.


    I'm just a happy lucky ducky


    Oh, then you're prolly familiar with this:


    Good times in Asia

    They do provide great Saturday morning entertainment.

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