Fall River

    As my sainted Aunt Nellie used to say, if you´re looking for Compassion, try the Dictionary. Under C.

    Joe and Bonnie get the feeling that things ain´t what they used to be. Because they aren´t...And can´t be. Because when Reagan cut the maximum incremental rate from 70 to 30%, things stopped being what they used to be.

    You can´t get 20 lbs into a 10 lbs bag. If the overall growth of national wealth is 3% and that of the upper 50% is 10%......a funny thing happens to Joe and Bonnie´s share. I know because I just tried it using match sticks.


    Lizzie Borden took an ax.And gave her father 40 whacks

    And just to see the job well done.She gave her mother 41.

    Just to see the job well done successive Republican Labor Departments and Supreme Courts have made it their mission to prevent the Labor "Bosses" from clawing back any of the extra 10% (or whatever) share of national wealth intended for the top 50%

    Meanwhile the Kochs et al are diligently convincing J&B their declining standard of living is somehow connected with immigration. Or Equal Opportunity. Or those Labor Bosses. Just as the working class has been conned of many other lies over the years : Cigarette´s are good for you,Global Warming is a hoax, etc.

    Advertising works.

    And the more the Deserving Poor are deprived, the less deserving it becomes, the more it needs its Aloysha to lead it to compassion for those who have it even worse. Suffering itself doesn´t make you appealing. It makes you insufferable.

    It makes you a Trump voter.

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