Go Vote!

    Due to apathy, off-off year elections (i.e., elections on odd-numbered years) tend to have lower voter turn-out than even off year elections. The bad news is that, for whatever reason, Republican-leaning voters tend to be less affected by apathy than Democratic-leaning voters. The good news is that this low turn-out means your vote counts more than it would for even-numbered years. So, go vote!

    If you happen to live in Virginia, this is even more important, since Ken Cuccinelli has basically declared war on homosexuals (accusing McAuliffe of being "in bed with the homosexual lobby"), attacked the science behind climate change (going so far as to sue the University of Virginia), spoken out against the pill, etc. Basically, he is the caricature of what many here consider Republicans to be. The good news is that Virginia voted for Obama in 2012. The bad news is that we currently have a Republican governor, so that suggests Cuccinelli has an advantage, considering that in Virginia we always vote for governor during off-off year elections. However, we've had a Democratic governor in the past. We can do it again. So, go vote!


    If you happen to live in Harrisburg, vote for Dan Miller.


    Dan lost the Democratic primary to a well-financed candidate who was supported by Harrisburg's creditors. They want the city to sell assets and pay for ill-advised bonds. Somehow Dan came in first in the Republican primary, so he's running to give people a choice.

    I see Cuccinelli brought in Ron Paul to argue for nullification of Federal laws.

    Yes, I saw that, too. If there was any doubt about Ron Paul, his support for Cuccinelli should dispel it (or reinforce it, depending on what that doubt was).


    Yeah we gotta vote.

    Every single chance we have to vote; we must take advantage or they will take advantage of us!


    Done.  Although the font size on the ballots here in NYC was so small, they were able to fit the entire Affordable Care Act in the margin of the lower right side of the ballot.




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