GOP: Brings Spanish Inquisition to Arizona Pharmacies

    NPR: When 35-year-old Nicole Arteaga walked into a Walgreens in Peoria, Ariz., last Wednesday, she was nine weeks pregnant. But, she says, her doctor had told her that her baby's development had stopped.....Arteaga says the doctor gave her two options: a surgical procedure or a prescription medication, misoprostol. Misoprostol is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for what is called a medical abortion....

    Arteaga opted for the medication. But she says that when she went to pick up the pills, the pharmacist refused to give them to her, citing his own ethical reasons.

    Arizona is one of six states that allow pharmacies or pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions on religious or moral grounds.....

    Politics is not religion, or if it is, then it is nothing but the Inquisition.


    From God's Jury:

    1478:  The first inquisitor general in Spain, Tomás de Torquemada, a Dominican monk, embarked on a career that made his name synonymous with the Inquisition as a whole, sending some 2,000 people to be burned at the stake within a matter of years. The Spanish Inquisition, commenced in the late fifteenth century. As King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile consolidated their rule, the Inquisition in a recently unified Spain pursued its targets independent of Rome. It was effectively an arm of the government, and the monarchs appointed its personnel.

    Today a report about another "Little Torquemada" at an Arizona CVS pharmacy:

    Hilde Hall, a transgender woman in Arizona, shared her experience of being denied hormone prescription by a CVS pharmacist. She was unable to fill the prescription at that location and despite her doctor requesting it, the pharmacist allegedly refused to transfer the order.



    CVS has fired a pharmacist who refused to fill the prescription of a transgender woman seeking hormone medication at a Fountain Hills location, and the drug store chain apologized for the incident.  link

    If you want to play the role of a Republican Torquemada, you do so at your own risk. 

    Republicans haven't yet turned the country into a theocracy, where religious persecution is legal and protected by the Supreme Court, although they are trying. To pack the courts with right wing zealots. And Mitch McConnell and the GOP changed things with Justice Gorsuch, now 60 votes are not needed to confirm a Supreme Court Justice, just 51.

    For now, the GOP is just playing the "let's make a religious bigotry "freedom law" to thrill our phony Christian Base".....then claim Democrats who don't vote for it are "Godless liberals." 

    Conservative Evangelicals love to inflict pain. They Trumpsplained why it was Biblical to separate babies from their parents. They would place pregnant women with dead fetuses at risk of sepsis and death because they love fetuses more than they love living human beings. Conservative Evangelicals turn the Bible on its head. Everything that Trump touches dies. The same is true for Conservative Evangelicals they kill the meaning of Biblical text.


    They are like sanctimonious little Torquemadas. They would so love for the Inquisition to return so they could "inform" on their neighbors.

    Meanwhile, America is the most dangerous and deadly place for women to give birth, and Republicans could care less.

    California, the land of "godless liberals" and "illegal breeders" has half the death/complications rate for birthing as the rest of the nation as they instituted state wide standards and policy to save women's health and lives after child birth.

    They believe their crap. I’m sure that you know the story of the Daily Caller reporter who attended a rally headlined by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The reporter was amazed at how others thought that healthcare and education were Rights. She came away fearful of how enticing expecting healthcare and education could be.

    What seemed outrageous to her was what a majority of Americans think is reasonable.

    Hadn't seen that one thanks.

    Our demagogue loving anti-democratic feudal overlords, Fox News and the Republican Party, greatest fear is Americans will expect government to do something, anything, for them.

    They want The Base to believe the function of government is to run Inquisition like culture wars, enhance fear, hate and racism and meanwhile, while you are distracted with by the flimflam men in Congress and the White House, they pick your pockets and move $$$ to the 1%.

    Doing anything for the 99% directly contradicts that mission.

    Until the bottom 99% lives at their mercy, paycheck to paycheck, with no health care, in a dilapidated piece of crap Wall Street owned rental home with a loaded gun within grasp for "protection", but no human rights, no job security, no Social Security and no pension. 

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