GOP moving to the left?

    Found retweeted by Bloomberg economics columnist Noah Smith. Medlock self describes as s Social democrat in the streets, market socialist in the sheets. Interested in healthcare and welfare policy. The VATman



    Reposting this one from my other thread here, partly as a reminder to check out what's going on at the right wing sites now and again. Also,it's interesting now that I look at it again that Dreher used the Marie Antoinette "let them eat cake" reference, that's not a typical meme of trickle downers and the like:

    Do literate philosophical conservatives make up a significant portion? I've run across Dreher's articles before, and if conservatives thought like that (or even thought?) we wouldn't have such problems. Here's hoping for a sea change,but until the avg Joe conservative puts down the koolaid, the Jerry Falwels will prevail. Since I don't quite know why their atavistic take on Christianity is so successful (there are quite profitable ways to get rich & serve Christ without drowning granny nor someone else's granny), I'm just hoping.

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