The health system we were working with before this started

    In one picture, after the jump. Something to keep in mind. This is where we were at, Obamacare's effects were no longer making serious care accessible for anyone living paycheck to paycheck. Only a few basics were mandated fully covered. Everything else went absurdly sky high "asking price" and then the insurers negotiated things down in contracts. Constantly playing contractual games with providers. (So much so that sometimes even doctors didn't know if they were in plan or not. day to day, maybe the clinic he's at on Tuesday is under contract with Cigna while the one he's at on Thursday is not.) The patient still left with huge co-pays and/or deductibles:

    I am done with America. This was for one MRI.

    — Anna Koenig (@annamv10) March 31, 2020

    That's just for the MRI to help diagnose her problem! Nothing else included.

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