Houston Sports Teams C’mon Man!

    Houston suffered heavy damage during hurricane. We are encouraged to cheer for their sports teams as a small token of our support for Houston citizens. But Houston sports teams are letting us down. The Houston Astros are tied with the Los Angeles Dodgers in the World Series. We want to pull for the Astros, but Astros player Yuri Gurriel displays a racist slant-eye gesture targeting a Dodger of Japanese descent. Gurriel apologized. He was suspended for five games. The five games don’t apply to the World Series, but take effect in the 2018 season. Houston fans responded to Gurriel’s first at bat after the suspension for the racist act with a standing ovation. Houston, c’mon man!


    The Houston Texans football team has an exciting rookie quarterback in DeShaun Watson. Watson gave his first game check to two workers in the team’s cafeteria who had their homes destroyed by hurricane. J.J. Watt raised tens of millions of dollars for Houstonians impacted by the storm. We want to cheer for the Texans, but along comes the owner of the team who equates his players with inmates in a prison. The owner later apologized to anyone who was offended. Houston, c’mon man!


    The actions of Watt and Watson stand out. Gurriel and Texan’s owner Robert McNair have a lot of work to do.



    Almost the entire Houston Texan team took at knee at today’s NFL game in response to the owner’s comments


    I dunno, I think he simply misspoke - he simply meant you can't have the slaves running the plantation. Of course this isn't racist - it's okay now for blacks *AND* whites to work for slave or extortionary wages while the Captains of Industry forge ahead. If only all industries were organized like the military - wouldn't need to brook any dissent, and we wouldn't waste breath discussing minor mishaps like what happened in Niger - or Traumatic Brain Injury or police choke holds or Harvey Weinstein locker room talk, or .... 

    Or maybe he was thinking of a time when the inmates *did* run the game/prison....


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