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    How Deep Is the Racism of the Republicans?

    As I watch Trump's efforts to block the entrance of Muslims into the United States, and the brutal tearing of families apart in the I.C.E. sweeps of immigrants, and the repeated crowing over destroying what Obama had built, and the white, white, white, Administration, I feel that I am being lashed by hatred and racism. Anxiety, Sadness, Anger, Depression? Oh yes, I feel these and I cry with the children who fear that they will never see their parents again, for I have been pulled from a parent and know that pain in my bones. All I know to do is to speak out and stand up and push back. It is either that or get mowed down, and that I cannot let happen.

    How deep is the racism of the Republicans when they can support someone who lead  the "birther movement” for 9 years?

    How deep is the racism when Mitch McConnell sets the goal of the Republican’s in Congress to block ALL legislation, including the federal budget, of Obama?

    How deep is the racism of the Republican party when they refuse to even interview a Supreme Court justice candidate for ten months, instead holding the vacancy open for a Republican president?



    How deep is the racism of a Republican President who has made his primary job in the first 100 days of his presidency that he will override every Executive Order of the black president who preceded him in office?

    How deep is the racism of a Republican party who has reputedly practiced for over five years to undo all legislation that a black president got through before the Republicans controlled the House?

    How deep is the racism of a Republican party who has dedicated its life to eradicating any evidence that a black president ever existed?

    How deep is the racism of voters who put both Donald Trump and the Republicans in the House and the Senate?

    There is something so deeply disturbing here that I hesitate to even call it racism. This is a hatred so deep that it requires expunging Barack Obama and any evidence of him or his family from history.

    The rise of Barack Obama has been pointed to by many as an example that we now live in a "post racial" society. We don't, and in today's parlance that is a "post-truth alternative fact" (which means an outright lie). The real educational tale here is that if you are some unacceptable shade of brown, there is a significant portion of your fellow amerikans who would vaporize you and all of your kin from the face of the planet. As I recall from a video from the 1990s on Hate in America, a young white woman in WAR (White Aryan Resistance) said something to the effect "We will send all the Africans back to Africa and all the Mexicans back to Mexico and then we will kill them all." Well welcome to 2017 because these are the people who feel that they now control the United States because they have their leaders in the White House. This is also the same "base" that the Republicans have been playing to for almost a decade.

    We are watching the deconstruction of a presidency for the sole reason that Obama was a mixed raced, "black" man, and the Republican/Trump "base" is cheering the ripping away of every plank of his eight years of effort as it is torn off and thrown to the side. The fact that they are also deconstructing the government of the United States and virtually every protection and support for the people is a side show of trash thrown on the bonfire of racism.



    Excellent post. Trump supporters are fully aware that Trump is a white supremacist. Republican legislators refuse to openly challenge Trump because they don't want to alienate the alt-right support that Trump brings to the Republicans. Hardcore Trump supporters are racists.

    Thank you mrd.  All support and constructive criticism gladly accepted. wink

    I have such problems with the term "alt-right" as I feel it hides rather than reveals who/what the alt-right is. It weirdly sprang into common usage via the MSM. Not sure where I first heard it but it was relatively recently. It was coined by Richard Spencer to label the array of far right white nationalist groups and ideologies. As an ethical question I wrestle with whether to let the white nationalists name themselves. My issue is that the term obscures the reality. So I  compromise that when I use the term  'alt-right" I also provide a definition of it.

    I also think that the GOP already had a profile that was more than a little white nationalist. Heck the promulgation of voter ID legislation across the states, the repeated justification of voter fraud as a rationale for "purging" voter roles, the funding of folks to call (primarily) non-white voters trying to scare them away from the polls, all of these are white nationalist in action if not name. Certainly Trump and crew are much more blatant in their own white nationalism and have a prime ideologue in Bannon sitting on the (ugh) president's shoulder.

    [Side point: White I have heard many over the decades say "not my president," Trump is the first president I have ever heard who has outright made clear that he is not the president of "all" of the people. Rather, he is the president of his "followers" and those who agree with him. Everyone else is the "enemy."]

    The Michigan Civil Rights Commission links the poisoning of Flint to systemic racism. The Republican Governor and legislature refuse to take responsibility.

    The quicker we realize that we cannot find common ground with Trump supporters. They are willing to remain silent as Trump and the Republicans assault minority communities. They are deplorable and have no honor Note that they hate minorities so deeply that they are willing to ignore Russian influence on the Trump White House. They are racists and they are traitors.

    I am sure I am going to be hit with being condescending for this response, but here we go.

    I am not sure that all supporters fall into the same category. I do think that anyone who voted for Trump for whatever reason, had to walk past a long line of of open embracing hatred (Trump's active promotion of racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia, misogyny, homophobia, disablism, etc.)  to cast their vote. There were those who voted for trump because:

    they saw him as a change agent

    he wasn't Hillary

    they like some of his ideas

    they liked all of his ideas

    they loved all of his ideas

    were white white nationalists who accepted him as the leader of the new white nation

    they fell in love with Trump and it didn't matter what he said.

    In other words, there is a wide range of embrace of Trump and "Trumpism" (another weird bit of labeling) and I think that treating all as if they are at the "deep end" of Trump supporter is problematic. All that being said, as one assault after another comes down, I too have difficulty with objectivity regarding those who support Trump. I have seen a couple of folks interviewed who feel we should "give Trump a chance" - something that I see more as naive than anything else.

    Both Trump and Obama are charismatic leaders. For both of them a portion of those supporting them are "true believers" deeply enmeshed in a "cult of personality." This does not mean that all of those who voted for them are embracing them with an ardent embrace.



    From a practical standpoint, it really doesn't matter. 21 states are pushing bills in increase voter suppression.

    Trump is planning to destroy the environment 

    Because his supporters still want to give him a shot, the country is in peril. Trump supporters represent a clear and present danger. They will do nothing to fight back. They might as well all be labeled white supremacists. 

    I wrote this piece because of the sick in the pit of my stomach feeling I got after hearing for the I don't know how many times that Trump was reversing every executive order, and the yammering about repealing "obamacare." There is something very wrong with this obsession to make it seem as if the Obama presidency never happened. It speaks to something much bigger and uglier than simple politics. It has the feel that Obama is an icon of all blacks (?)  all people of color (?) something that reeks of genocide to me. That is what drove this piece though perhaps that does not get expressed very well.

    A segment of the country is xenophobic. They hate the idea of an uppity black President and were able to cast a vote for white trash. Sadly, there are blacks like Ben Carson, Omarosa, and Dennard Parrish who are willing to humiliate themselves for a dollar. 

    I'm sorry I missed this when it was first posted. Excellent!

    haters gotta hate

    [Weird pro-Trump website - pp]

    There is propaganda and propaganda. I imagine the multiple studies that those who depend on Fox News for their news are LESS informed than those who don't watch the news at all slides right by. I used to tell my students that if what they watched or read flowed ver them like warm water, reinforcing everything the believed, that was when they needed to read/watch most closely and critically for it means that the producers share your biases. Makes no difference where on the political scale one is.

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