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    How to reap a whirlwind

    1 Warm the Arctic so that


    2. The temperature gradient lessens and


    3. The wall enclosing supercold arctic air collapses and


    4. The supercold air escapes south where it hits


    5. Extra warm extra moist gulf stream air and


    6. Voila, tournedos. tornadoes  (H/T Moat...)


    (Also, historic midwest flooding.)


    As to the latter, we can only hope that the bloated corpse of the flooded out Trumpista serves as a flotation device saving innocent children.


    The Lord works in mysterious ways.


    I have tried to make this super simple, not for the Daggers here assembled ( they already know all this) but for the convenience of the ignorant who may happen by.

    Mmmn, tournedos, make mine medium rare.

    I feel for the wrath of the one who cannot be pronounced that you propose but personally prefer the need for the entire G.O.P. to have simultaneous family situations causing them all to resign simultaneously without notice.

    If we are going divine justice, there is no need to eschew artistic expression.

    Evidently I had marinade on my mind...

    Admit that moat's link made my mouth water; I knew it usually meant a beef dish, but I thought it meant just a fancy shish kebab type thingie.

    I certainly prefer tournados to tornados.  Parenthetically, storms in Spanish--tormentos.

    La Tormenta Perfecta would be a great brand name for the G.O.P.

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