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    The Washington Post is just beginning to give us plebeians the new stuff from Woodward. hahahah

    I mean this sombitch has worked for the Post for a hundred years.


    I am viewing CNN and MSNBC at the same time. Or as I attempt to do as they say.

    Here comes this NYT anonymous writer who decides, all of a sudden to give us all the dope, so to speak on the dope. hahahhaah

    Amorality is the problem as CNN and MSNBC say.

    Go ahead.

    I got nothin right now.

    I am amazed by this editorial sponsored by the company that is going down hill as Spanky likes to say.





    Maybe the G.O.P. has driven their stolen car as far as it can go and have decided it is time to crash it into a Taco Bell before setting the thing on fire.


    Which one's Louise?

    Look Missy, just do not call me Shirley. hahahah

    Moat, it appears that everyone, I mean everyone associated with this sombitch....HATES HIM.


    I do not know why that is funny to me since everything we know and love is at stake...

    But damn, I cannot stop laughing1

    Regarding the NYT op-ed... I don't care if they claim there are adults in the room protecting our democracy from a nut job president. They're Republicans, and I'm not really happy about that.

    And this anonymous author... isn't there some kind of app that you can copy and paste a sample of writing and it will spit out who fits the writing style closest? 

    Do I have time for this stuff?  Right now, no, I do not.

    But, Mr. Day, I will always stop to check if you have made a contribution to this here site and I am always delighted when you have made it so.

    And this anonymous author... isn't there some kind of app that you can copy and paste a sample of writing and it will spit out who fits the writing style closest?

    Ding, ding, ding!  I didn't go app, but I immediately thought about writing style, terms, expressions, etc. to determine the writer.  And no, I didn't dig any further, either ... but rest assured someone will.

    Flower, I do not have any answers, as you well know. hhahahaha



    Maybe we are all pretending we are adults.

    Hell, we grew up with Roosevelts in the room and with Ikes in the room and ...



    Yes. It is no time to dance a jig when cowards in the administration try to save their bacon.
    But it is their shit show now. Bought and paid for by their sponsors.

    Moat, sponsors becomes the key phrase, the key motivation actually.

    Well said.

    Bought and paid for. As they say.

    Oh, that's too easy!

    "Bought and paid for, as they say"

    (Who the heck are they?)

      Why, sponsors!  That's who they are!

      Motivation!  From afar!

    I didn't mean to say that the agendas of sponsors completely explain the motivations of all those representing either voters or the nation as whole through work in Federal agencies. But in so far as the G.O.P can referred to as being very interested in protecting industries from regulation, pumping buckets of capital into Wall Street, and buying judges at all federal levels who will reside for at least the next generation, the anon op-ed piece is a way to get as much value out the Trump vehicle as possible before it goes off the cliff while also investing in the currency that will be in use afterwards.

    Exactly.  At least if I read your last sentence correctly.  The op-ed writer wants to be the hero of a story that they know won't end well, therefore making them the star of the one that follows. 

    Or set up the hero to be a fall guy and then acquire the advantages desired by the Regent:



    Daniel Dale (Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star) basically "live blogs" Trump's rally of alternate reality this evening via Twitter for those who could not bear to watch


    Apparently they are having a hard time getting appropriately enthusiastic actors to stand behind Trump at his rallies:

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    this guy sounds like a pretty funny average joe, maybe put a smile on your face (self describes as Proud father, husband, and American. Honorably discharged soldier. Signal Corps! Everyday protector of the American republic, AKA - Citizen.)

    Ready the jumpsuit for a 6'3" 239-pound male! That shit's gonna run long and be popping at the seams in the middle.

    — Semper (@SemperVeritatum) September 7, 2018


    If I'd like to publish an anomanamus op-ed, who do I contact?

    — Semper (@SemperVeritatum) September 7, 2018

    I like presidents that weren’t captured by hostile foreign intelligence agencies.

    — Semper (@SemperVeritatum) September 2, 2018


    dupe due to code error

    Apparently a bunch of people using the Wifi at Dallas Ft. Worth airport on Fri. afternoon agree with you:

    Dallas / Fort Worth Airport WiFi Connections

    Read some of the names on the

    — Maggie Resists Trump (@Stop_Trump20) September 7, 2018


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