I was thinking of George Steinbrenner

    tonight,  I used to escape from the Cross  Bronx onto the GW at 8 something in the  morning.   Back when  Steinbrenner used to fire Billy Martin every  other weekend;  Or so it seemed, What did Reggie say? "One's a liar and the other's convicted?" Something like that.

    After one of those G &B  ( I started to write S&M and thought " No") reconciliations the Y's  had the clever idea of using the enormous bill board looking down on the bridge from the Palisades: Photo of Martin from behind in uniform:  caption underneath:

                      Billy' s  Back

     Listening to Rachel interview Hillary tonight. I thought : Hilllary's back .

    Good to see her again. Just think......







    Perfect example of why I appreciate when you share your reminiscences influenced by news of the day, Flav. A lot of times they are about pop culture moments that interest me or once did and I either forgot or didn't grasp well enough at the time. I have a personal interest in the whole Billy Martin thing, but I didn't know about that billboard and it sort of explains everything I was trying to remember, why he was a bad boy celeb.

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