If you like to know about worthwhile Twitter Feeds

    Noah Smith has a smart and informed bunch of followers and as of now, he has 326 answers to this excellent question:

    Wednesday open question: If you could only follow three Twitter accounts, what would they be?

    — Noah Smith (@Noahpinion) February 7, 2019


    [Edited to fix NachoSarah]

    Paul Bronks @SlenderSherbet 

    Sarah Beattie  @nachosarah

    and as a bonus:

    Though if you're still jonesing for more political commentary in all that love, there's

    Conspirador Norteño @conspirator0

    I'm going back to my shed out back, holler if you need me.

    Or, if you are in the mood for the cesspool thing, you can look at some of the replies this guy gets:

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