Is It All Hillary's Fault?

    Hillary certainly has to bear the responsibility for her loss. But is it true that if only Sanders or Biden or anybody else would have won? In almost every state, whether she won or lost, she out performed the down ballot state races. NH is too close to call but the republican easily picked up the governorship. AZ is still too close to call but McCain beat Kirkpatrick by 12 points. Even in IL where both Hillary and Duckworth won Hillary's margin of victory was larger than Duckworth's. Hillary outperformed Feingold in WI. Hillary out performed Barksdale in GA. She out performed Murphy in FL I could go on. Are you going to tell me people went to the polls and voted for Hillary, then voted for the republican in the down ballot races because they hated Hillary so much. Is it Hillary's fault? Or is it that the republicans are beating democrats? I've been posting it for years. It's not just Hillary. Face it. Democrats are losing across the board and have been for years. We deny that reality at our peril. If, as I suspect, republicans increase their numbers in congress in the 2018 midterms will that be Hillary's fault too?


    I posted this on the "National Moron Day" blog. It has relevance here as we talk about the results after the Obama Presidency.

    The 50s were the time of an increasing middle class and comfortable white supremacy. Blacks were just starting to publicly protest sitting in the back of the bus. Women knew their place, That is the world Trump offers. He told his supporters to keep an eye on the darkies voting in the cities. These are the voters who came out for Trump. Others simply looked away from the racism, just like the people who did nothing to stop the Klan and white citizens councils in the 1950s. This is not about Hillary's faults this is about white rage.Whenever blacks have made strides there has been pushback by white reactionaries. Carol Anderson analyzes the white reaction to black progress in her book "White Rage". Freed slaves who presented a threat to whites received backlash. Black soldiers coming home from fighting in both World Wars faced backlash from whites.

    Anderson notes that the black unemployment gap had closed significantly in the 60s and 70s, then came the backlash.

    Anderson singles out President Ronald Reagan for presiding over the rollback of many of the gains blacks made during the civil rights movement. She says that while Reagan “positively oozed racial innocence,” his policies showed a contempt for blacks. 

    Black unemployment had declined sharply during the ’60s and ’70s, actually closing the racial gap, and the number of blacks enrolled in college had doubled between 1970 and 1978. But Reagan erased those gains through massive cuts in federal programs and jobs. Black unemployment rose to 15.5 percent — the highest it had been since the Great Depression — and black youth employment to a staggering 45.7 percent. “At this point,” Anderson writes, “Reagan chose to slash the training, employment and labor services budget by 70 percent — a cut of $3.805 billion.”

    This election was backlash against a black President and First Lady. Voter suppression is white rage. Obama wanted infrastructure projects. The GOP rejected those plans. Now the GOP will promote rebuilding America. This election was all about white rage.

    The odd thing is that it took Trump three tries till he got it just right , ie. Steve Bannon.


    In a funny way, Manafort and Stone were less fascist than the next round, (which is mind boggling!)


    Bannon was a hire that immediately went totally "radio silent" to mix metaphors--I can't recall seeing or hearing Bannon once in any forum, but the message to the crackers was clear, and there is a blood chiling network of Mercer financed operations that organized the White Tumparyan Resistance 

    All right, let's say it was all Hillary's fault. If she had done better in WI Feingold would have won. But then, why did he lose in 2010? Whose fault was that? Democrats lost 6 seats in the senate and 52 seats in the house flipping the house to the republicans. Surely that wasn't Hillary's fault. Whose fault was it?

    In 2014 9 democratic senators lost flipping the senate to the republicans. Republicans won 13 more seats in the house. Surely that wasn't Hillary's fault. Whose fault was it?

    Yes, all her fault. Good riddance to white trash. Welcome to more white trash.

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