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    It Is Now Conservative To Be Anti-War

    Being anti-war is now conservative:

    I remember big anti-war rallies in Seattle and other major cities in 2003, a young Barack Obama quite literally made his first major political appearance at an anti-war rally in Chicago in 2002, and to be anti-war was a massive affront in a Republican Party replete with "freedom fries" and pushing torture, wars, and the Patriot Act. Ron Paul was told he belonged among Democrats. George Galloway opposes war in Iran - is he a conservative now too? He's talking about it on Russia Today as well. Oh my! Are the hawks at Fox and Friends or Hugh Hewitt progressives now? What do these words even mean if they can switch like that?

    Apart from that, it is both conservative to use the term "radical Islam" and to reject continued occupations of Muslim countries. Has some sort of societal shift occurred? What exactly happened? It seemed like we just switched things here with no explanation. Were the 2000s a hallucination?

    This world is something else.

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