It's social conservative spin, BUT

    this which I noticed because Andrew Sullivan retweeted it, it's worth a look to see both:

    1) what we will see more of as white male privilege is made the main bogeyman in our culture, and

    2) how one can vie in the victimhood Olympics with selective stats:

    And yet we live in a society where males are the privileged sex.

    — Charles Murray (@charlesmurray) January 1, 2020


    Also got me thinking about that there really is still very much a difference between the sexes, whether nature or nurture.


    For all these talent shows, what's the ratio of successful girls who play their own instrument to boys who play their own instrument. There are a few - Rasputina, Hole, Betty Blowtorch, plus good bassists, keyboard players, etc. But who's on the level of a U2 or Radiohead or Stones or...? (Pixies, Talking Heads, B-52s, Chrissie Hynde/Pretenders, Prince's female musicians standing out). And this ain't construction work. Boys are just wired different, to different results. 70 years of garage bands, school jazz, American Idol, ...) Even modern DJs (innovative scratching-like stuff or pop-star level to play Ibiza or similar), it's mostly guys.

    Similar to skateboarding I watched the other day out in a park - maybe 2 girls doing tricks in a field of guys. Only entrance fee is owning (or borrowing) a skateboard. No heavy lifting - ride, jump, flip the board, land - occasionally fall. No team membership, his/her leagues, gender disqualifiers or disapproval. Natural selection. Girls don't take chances the way guys do, go for the fuck up sports to the same extreme, exhibit the same risky self-destructive behavior in nearly the same numbers. Sure, we can create company teams, and there's lots good going in with women in teams or paired programming, but solo work, it's different.

    It is interesting as you said to see some of the differences between men and women whether from nature or nurture. But it's also as you said, conservative spin. With a little research we could produce a similar list that is all liberal spin. For example for every hundred women that are raped there are what, like two men. For every 100 women who are victims of domestic violence like maybe 5 men. For every hundred women who directs a film 1000 men. For every 100 women as CEO, on a board of directors, or promoted to upper level management there's a few thousand men.

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