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    How Trump Will Rebrand His Way To The Truth

    I'm reading today that people are shocked, just shocked, that Donald Trump would seemingly allow Paul Ryan to privatize Medicare when Trump explicitly promised his supporters that he would protect their entitlements during the campaign.  Surely, say the shocked, people will now see through the man's lies.

    As far as "you said one thing and did another," this is a pretty open and shut case, right?

    Prepare to be massively frustrated.  Trump, or people around Trump, will simply say that Paul Ryan's plan to privatize Medicare is the best and only way to protect it. The media will report such claims as a legitimate point of view and the conversation will quickly and forever shift away from whether or not this was a lie and to, "how are we going to fix this mess, Paul Ryan is an intellectual!"

    I'm sure this will happen in other areas, too.  Trump will never admit to having lied to his supporters.  He will just re-label things.  Hiring 10,000 border patrol agents will become a "human wall." Any tweak or concession made to an existing international agreement will be packaged as wholesale change.

    He's never going to "break" his promises to his people.  He's going to fulfill them in awesomely branded ways!




    Well then, I see no other alternative than for you to take out the brass knuckles you've been hiding in your trunks and beat the beejeezus out of both Trump and Paul Ryan when Congress isn't looking.   Meanwhile, Ruth Bader Ginsberg can hit Clarence Thomas in the back of the head with a folding chair.  Call it either Congress-Slam or Legislative-Mania  2016!

    Michael, the privatizing of Medicare is the one issue my R friends are vigorously against. I don't think there is any rebranding which will make it fly. If it happens the ground swell will go the other way.

    But then again, as you posed before, what is the self interest of Trump?  Bet on that one.

    I do not believe that Trump has any aims at all.

    He wished to be President of the United States of America.

    Now the satans shall move this moron to untold limits. hahahahah

    Just look at his proposed cabinet heads.

    Oh he eschews lobbyists and will make lobbyists illegal and yet he appoints lobbyists to his cabinet.


    So Environmentalists and Civil Rights Activists and Prison Reformers and ....



    Anyway here is Sam Harris, again:

    Let us hope that Trump is not who he says he is?

    Trump has no idea who he is. hahahah

    Why do we let Republicans brand "Crooked Hillary," while everything he says is a lie?  When we say that something is wrong it gets called "The Blame Game."  Hillary had more ideas and the wherewithal to accomplish TRUE CHANGE and yet she was branded the ESTABLISHMENT (which by definition she was, but the moniker indicated something different. You get the idea.

    So why do we lay down and accept the term, "Privatize Medicare."  Ryan and his hyenas want to KILL Medicare, which happens to be the most efficient delivery system of health care we have in this country!

    We have got to learn to fight better.  Privatizing, if you are an uninformed citizen means something like "nobody can find out about your medical stuff;". Besides, Private HAS to be better than PUBLIC, no?  

    How about ads, or even simply viral videos showing a tremorous, almost sightless 85 year-old, trying to find his voucher, and getting the run-around when trying to find the best insurance company for him/her.  It should end with a screen shot on the codger's TV showing a smirking Paul Ryan talking about how bad Medicare is.

    This is not even hyperbole.  It is TRUE!  

    Yes, we have to learn to fight better.  And, we're dealing with a total Svengali here. For months, on the crooked Hillary front, he has had crowds chanting "lock her up!"  Presumably, the people yelling believed she should be investigated and jailed, right?  Then he wins and says, "The Clintons are good people, we don't want to hurt them."  How do his followers react?  As if he is now a wise and merciful ruler.

    Look, I don't want to say anything beyond the pale here, but I'm pretty sure we're dealing with Satan.

    The left played the Crooked Hillary card long before Trump got to it. Even all that disgusting NY Times et al raking the Clinton Foundation over the coals, while Trump can actually break laws and no one cares - it's just Hillary's appearances that matter. Look, Trump's nominating the guy who mishandled classified info as Secretary of State - koinkydink?

    Remember this kinda thing at a rally or dozen?

    “I could have settled this case numerous times, but I don’t want to settle cases when we’re right. I don’t believe in it. And when you start settling cases, you know what happens? Everybody sues you because you get known as a settler. One thing about me, I am not known as a settler,” Trump said at the time.

    Ummm, yeah, he sorta is.  But with a bit of rebranding, it will become yet another example of how he took care of a pesky lawsuit brought by sad, jealous liars without ever admitting wrongdoing.

    Cue  Mike P ence..."My heart breaks, it breaks, to see this goooood man, who is humbling himself for the good of domestic tranquility, making him  a virtual martyr to the Constitution (which was given, I remind you, by God on Mt. Sinai to the assembled founding fathers), who is surrenduring to the most vile extortion, solely to end a distracting nuisance, and yet we see haters, (haters without shoes!) trying to bring him down for his selfless choice"

    Yep, he'll spin this as his willingness to pay out a (tax deductible!) $25 million to people who don't deserve it because he just had to spare America the trouble of having a president worried about a civil trial.  And people will believe it and the press will pay more attention to that part of the story than to the... thousands of innocent people he swindled into paying for fake college degrees.

    Parenthetically, and while we're on the subject of settling litigation in order not to burden the presidency, if a certain president (also reputed to grab'em, conicidentally) had settled his litigation (all it was gonna cost him was an "I'm sorry, Paula I was a jerk...) before it turned into the Night of A Thousand Cigars...

    Hey... the Trumps and the Clintons used to be pals, remember.

    Sure--this whole Presidential run was Bill's idea (there's a famous phone call.)


    It will go on the induction scroll when Bill is voted into the Political Unforced Error Hall of Fame--right above the part where they cite his exemplary modeling  of a foot-shooter in knocking on Loretta Lynch's cabin door (and not in the woods,, and not in a good way).

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