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    School Requires Football players to stand...

    But is it Legal?


    9/28/17 | Newsweek

    National Anthem Protest Banned at Louisiana School—But Is It Legal?

    The school policy also apparently violates a 1943 Supreme Court ruling that found a West Virginia school violated students’ rights by forcing them to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.


     “Love of country must spring from willing hearts and free minds, inspired by a fair administration of wise laws enacted by the people's elected representatives within the bounds of express constitutional prohibitions,” the 6-3 majority opinion in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette states. “These laws must, to be consistent with the First Amendment, permit the widest toleration of conflicting viewpoints consistent with a society of free men."

    If you call the school all you'll get is a busy signal ... (318) 759-2200

    School Announcement



    How to pay for college. Protest by not standing for the anthem. Get punished by school. Sue school for Unconstitutional action. Get paid. (Snark)

    Let's be real - high schools have always created jackass rules for indentured students to follow.

    What you said! This is precisely why I despised being forced to go to pep rallies in high school and still can't quite stomach sports fandom to this day. That said, I have become more understanding with age that life sucks and then you die, so who am I to deride other people's choices in what bread and circuses get them through each day. I still just wish so many people wouldn't fall for it. I guess it's because it's a substitute for war and being a good soldier/cannon fodder in same.

    I wish it were a substitute for war.  Sadly I think it rather whets the appetite for fighting.  First, for trite, insignificant issues [separating out the in's and the outs], and then keep ramping it up.  Pretty soon the cloud of hate is thicker and thicker...and everyone forgets [which was the point in the first place] the young black mean targeted by police, who claimed to fear for their lives:  someone running away free m them, someone holding a stick, someone sitting in the road, someone reaching for their ID.  

    So the cops who are basically (at least cowards) and the trump screamers, who are too old, say it's time for war.  That leaves the young people who see the military as either their only chance at upward mobility, or have purple teeth from the KoolAid.  

    And on and on it goes.  

    Ill tell you a great substitute for war!  Return the military draft, and give NO exemptions, except for medical reasons, like cancer.   Make the military draft and only admit people over 35.  People who have families, and some idea of what it's all about.  

    See how many people are willing to march off on a vanity project, or one that will reap oil profits for, say, a Vice President.  I know this is thin, but I am just plain done.  

    I don't disagree with you in the least! I just made a poor choice in using the word "substitute".

    The only place we might differ is that I have resigned myself to the reality that we are a minority on the whole sports team patriotism thing. Kept waiting for it to change my whole life and it only got worse. Lots more grrrls and wimmins do it now than they used to. So I am resigned that these warlike desires are part of the current human condition, and have to admit that some otherwise quite peaceful people enjoy them.

    I am grateful, though, that I grew up with a father who didn't like to partake of the whole thing (and didn't like being drafted for WWII service, either, probably not a coincidence that he despised his service in the army) until his sons (younger than me) got interested in high school and he felt he had to support them.

    Hi Ducky, I was just thinking about Star Trek:

    Check this out at about 1:30 or so:



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