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    It appears that there are other ladies who have had rather bad experiences with this Kavanaugh fellow.

    This entire subject is interesting to me.

    Of course, we have Spanky as our POTUS and Spanky it seems, attempted to screw any person he saw who wore skirts?

    I knew this would happen.

    I mean Karma.

    Frat guys have many issues, as it were.

    Panty raids?

    What happens at Georgetown Prep stays in Georgetown Prep?


    I was just interested in this issue after I read the first site supra.

    I mean, we should not be surprised that other women might show up, so to speak and speak their minds about this frat boy?

    I just found this new allegation from a woman?

    And it got to me.

    I knew this would happen.

    And I make no bones about it.

    This new allegation was, just what I needed:

    the end





    Observation on the upcoming hearing, and what Grassass, Iowa, said about how he'll run it:

    The committee (i.e., the GOP majority controlling the committee) gets to decide what witnesses are called, how many witnesses are called, what order they are called in, and who gets to question them.  You might as well let the New York Syndicate control the mob trial of the century and have Carlo Gambino himself controlling the questioning of the witnesses.  Shameless.   

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